Album Reviews, Culture, Dance / Electro — August 29, 2012 at 10:10 am

Todd Terje – It’s The Arps EP


Artist Name: Todd Terje
Title Name: It’s The Arps EP
Label: Small Town Supersound
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley

If you haven’t yet had your mind blown by Todd Terje then you are in for a treat today. Funky, bouncy, glitchy and with a crazy ability to build, Todd Terje creates grooves that ooze over the scene and grab hold of the mood no matter the time or place. The shimmering highs of lead single “Inspector Norse” have been floating over dance floors left, right and centre this year and every time I’ve heard it dropped live, the track has the whole venue bouncing in a wild state of euphoria. I promise you it’s good on its own but that gradual, subtle build and drop is irresistible in a set.

“Inspector Norse” aside, It’s The Arps is a great listen. Whether delving into a mystical spaghetti western with “Myggsommer” or getting lost on the high or low side of “Swing Star”, It’s The Arps delivers straightforward, approachable and all around fun electronic music without gimmicks or ego. Keep an eye on the cheeky Norwegian as his tour schedule has been filling out over the European summer. With any luck, he’ll soon be coming to a shore near you.