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10 Priceless Music Videos


Some music videos became classics because of their impact on the visual and creative worlds. Some others are just made for you to have a good laugh, and to make this melody stick even deeper in your head. Here’s a selection of 10 priceless music videos. Tell us your favourite!


10. Classixx – “All You’re Waiting For” feat. Nancy Whang

An easy one to begin with, because too much + too much always gives us a smile, right? And Nancy Whang’s pout is so perfect.


9. KID ASTRAY – The Mess

 A wind of wild ingenuity accompanies this very simple videoclip. Ah, young Norwegian people!


8. Kyoto Protocol – Pussycat

One notch higher, the song and sporty choreography of this Malaysian band will knock you out, or lead you to the training shed.


7. Hermitude – The Villain

A robbery story in real-time slow-motion, maybe that’s what Aussie humour is? But who will get this bag full of money in the end?


6. Mini Compo – Give Away

KL is supposed to be a boring city. But take a few incongruous objects and the two lads of Mini Compo, and they will ease your pain!


5. Breach – Jack

Hair / no hair in a hairy world, yes that’s a weird videoclip. British humour!


4. The Cambodian Space Project – Have Visa No Have Rice

What to eat when you are a Cambodian in Paris? That’s the trick.


3. OK Go – Here It Goes Again

This is not a discovery, but OK Go’s treadmills’ pirouettes are always worth seeing again and again.


2. ShiGGa Shay – LimPeh

The story of the Singaporean hoods and their bad company, with a special Hokkien twist.


1. Retro Stefson – She Said

A dodgy club, a drag queen competition and a break-in preparation. The Icelanders are wonderfully imaginative!




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