Lists, Top 10 Lists — July 26, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Our 10 Most Disturbing Videos


How to produce a videoclip that will stick to people’s minds? Disturbing videos can efficiently fit the bill. Here’s a selection of our Top 10 favourites. What’s your pick? (video playlist below).


10. Alex Winston – “Fire Ant”

A heady track by the young and pretty American singer-songwriter; a fun but slightly nauseating stop motion videoclip, thanks to the repetitive pattern of these crawling paper ants.


9. Mélissa Laveaux – “Postman”

Embracing her Haitian/Canadian background, singer-songwriter Mélissa Laveaux reveals a very figurative but obscure videoclip for her latest single. Bounding fauns are opening a new path in the dark forest, think twice before following them…


8. The Weeknd – “Belong To The World”

Abel Tesfaye AKA The Weeknd sets his latest videoclip in a (not so) futuristic Japanese city. Like in Wong Kar Wai’s 2046, it’s a story of obsession, impossible love and broken hearts.


7. CocoRosie – “We Are On Fire”

There’s something about Madonna’s “Frozen” in the very polished and visually striking video CocoRosie released a year ahead of their new album Tales of a Grass Widow. Ancient and modern witches appear like Renaissance moving paintings in abstract landscapes.


6. SBTRKT – “Wildfire”

A closed-door story with a room, a bed, a mask on the wall, a strong draught and a possessed girl. The perfect combination for a modern remake of The Exorcist, taken from SBTRKT’s self-titled debut.


5. Deerhoof – “Breakup Songs”

Colourful seizures are spreading in a village. This short videoclip by American/Japanese indie rockers Deerhoof, plays between frank humour and spooky anxiety.


4. How To Destroy Angels – “How Long?”

 Tension is palpable throughout HTDA’s videoclip that introduced their  debut full-length. Keep watching ’til the end, where the last sounds are almost unbearable.


3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Sacrilege”

Starring it-girl Lily Cole, this recent YYYs movie-like videoclip tells a shocking story backwards, revealing kinky details along the way.


2. Jamaican Queens – “Kids Get Away”

Kids are not always cute and nice, and the world is not always a safe place. Jamaican Queens talk about perversion, violence and lack of respect to our own kind, and it is quite disturbing.


1. Lapalux – “Without You”

Remember The Knife’s videoclip for “Pass This On”? The storyline for Lapalux’s “Without You” is similar: a disturbing character attracting others by its abnormality. And there’s love and tears involved too.



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