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Review: Ensiferum – Unsung Heroes


 Artist Name: Ensiferum
Title Name: Unsung Heroes
Label: Spinefarm
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini


Scandinavia today is the place on Earth with the largest percentage of heavy metal followers. No kidding, look it up if you want! Meanwhile, Finland has been baptized the promised land of heavy metal in a documentary about the region, so great is the number of astonishing bands hailing from that land of ice and snow. One of those is Finnish band, Ensiferum, who has been gaining a lot of momentum amidst metalheads all over the world, and are apt to rub shoulders with the best that the region has to offer. Their blend of folk, melodic death metal and Viking metal is like a threesome between early days In Flames, the spirit of Jethro Tull, and the Viking era of Bathory, all spiced up with their own twist of uniqueness and brilliant musicianship.

New album Unsung Heroes opens with the sublime orchestration of “Symbols”, followed by the go-to-battle anthem “In My Sword”. “Unsung Heroes” brings back the furious side of the band seen on previous albums, while soothing acoustic guitars introduce the epic “Burning Leaves”.  Such calming instruments are heard again on “Celestial Bond”, contrasted with a majestic female lead vocal. “Retribution Shall Be Mine” brings back the fury of epic battles, while the long “Passion, Proof, Power” shows that the nod to the progressive geniuses of the past I mentioned before is really there.

All in all, a rather decent effort from a band that has conquered – with horses, swords and the occasional flute – their space in the realms of modern metal, proving that the promised land is not just a myth, but in fact a pleasant sight for sore eyes (and ears) eager for something different in music.


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