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Urbanowicz Out, the new Editors Release ‘The Weight of Your Love’


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Four years after their last release, one of Europe’s biggest rock acts Editors are back with The Weight of Your Love, an eleven-track record that represents a new chapter for the band.

Following the news of founding member Chris Urbanowicz (Guitars) leaving the band in 2012 due to differences in record aspirations, lead singer and songwriter Tom Smith likens it to “losing a limb” especially when they were asked to headline Belgium’s Werchter Festival. Russell Leetch (Bass) and Ed Lay (Drums) decided to take on the challenge of playing for 85,000 fans – their biggest and according to them, best show to date – and invited musicians Justin Lockey and Elliot Williams to share the stage with them that night. It was a pivotal moment for the five, and they soon welcomed Lockey and Williams as the newest members of the new Editors.


The Weight Of Your Love is the Editors’ fourth studio album – the first with its new members- and is referred by Smith as “a band record, a musical record, a rock record with a foot in that alt-rock/americana world.” The band recorded in Nashville where they spent six weeks in a share house and daily commute to the studio. The experience fostered rediscovery and a sense of reconnecting for its founding members and the new recruits. All the members continually refer to The Weight Of Your Love as the product of a band, as a band record. For Smith, “it feels like we’re more sure of ourselves, more muscular. The record feels untouchable at times, I’m really quite surprised at what we’ve achieved.”

The Weight of Your Love is out on July 2, 2013 and is distributed by Love Da Records in SEA. 


1. “The Weight”
2. “Sugar” 
3. “A Ton of Love”
4. “What Is This Thing Called Love” 
5. “Honesty” 
6. “Nothing” 
7. “Formaldehyde”
8. “Hyena” 
9. “Two Hearted Spider” 
10. “The Phone Book” 
11. “Bird of Prey”


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