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Welcome to Little Fox’s ‘Whitening’ universe


Little Fox – จีน มหาสมุทร – has released his new EP, Whitening. The Thai singer-songwriter brings his audience into a dreamy place. It’s the music for the soft haze of a long rainy day, when you stay home with a cup a tea and a slight after-taste of emptiness. It’s the music that soothes, explores personal and universal life stories, but never slips to the depressing side. Gene Mahasmut Bunyaraksh took the time to share some insights on his new born.

Little Fox - Whitening

“Well about this E.P., it is a self-released album after a long while, 5-6 years. Some of the songs had been written and played for some time but never got recorded. Over the years I have moved on to many different musical genres, to a more dreamy and darker psychedelic sound. This change disturbed many of the fans who expected my music to be acoustic folky stuff. However this new EP is all acoustic. The song entitled ‘RCRMO’ is about finding peace with loneliness. ‘Happy Yogi’ was inspired by the yogis of India. In most of the songs, I tried to put some wisdom and some cheeky sense of humor so they don’t appear too much like religious songs. Perhaps my inspiration comes from my odd thoughts on people’s lives in a big city like Bangkok. The song ‘Per’ is about letting go, living in the present, drifting away from this and that, and coming to term with my beloved grandmother’s death. I put some of my own experience in this album. This particular version of ‘Mama Blues’ is an attempt to make a song that would help people who have sleeping problems. The song ‘G.Walk’ was written when I met the mother of my child.

If you download the whole album you’ll see there’s a hidden track. I like to tickle my audience a little by adding this much darker and disturbing hidden track after some silence. I like to imagine that anyone who listens to this cd would find this as a surprise. But it can also be seen as a hint for the next darker album, maybe.”


Grab your digital copy of Whitening on Bandcamp and check Little Fox’s Facebook page for more information.

Gene Mahasmut Bunyaraksh

Little Fox