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What Does the World Have Against Robin Thicke’s “Rape Song”?




Robin Thicke’s latest single, “Blurred Lines” is bold and cocky. Some call it ‘sexist pop’ while others blatantly say it ‘glamorizes rape culture’. Feminist groups, too, have showed their utter disgust at the vulgar music video however many will know the clip as the one that Youtube banned and banished to oblivion. Has Thicke sold his soul and shaken off his once wholesome reputation in return for a number one single? Well, quite frankly, no.

Sure, the single screams themes of bestiality, drugs and the objectification of women but it isn’t too far from Thicke’s innuendo-laden predecessors. Since his 2002 debut there has been a noticeable change in his physical image from the Jesus-like hairdo he once sported but Thicke was never the clean-cut, good boy that his hair deceitfully preached. Remember his breakthrough single, “When I Get You Alone”? Maybe these lines will help: I swear there’s something when she’s pumpin’ asking for a raise. Or the line where he pleads, you can leave your toys in the drawer tonight. On top of that, pretty much every lyric of, “Sex Therapy” is bodaciously provocative too. And let’s not forget its music video where he seductively caresses the inner thighs of his leggy female companion throughout the entire clip. Thicke’s piercing blue eyes were never innocent after all.

Don’t get me wrong, Youtube were right to ban the music video. It’s certainly too harsh for younger viewers. But this so called new direction is not a new direction but rather Thicke bringing his lyrics to life, visually. And anyway the whole thing is supposed to be a joke. The man said so himself. If anything the creators of Nickelodeon’s Fat Albert should be hunting down Pharell for borrowing the cartoon’s famous line, “Hey hey hey!”.


For the curious-minded, here’s the unrated version. Enjoy.


Robin Thicke’s 6th studio album Blurred Lines is out on the 12th July.



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