Culture, Live Reviews — March 15, 2013 at 2:15 pm

When the dark and the progressive meet: Katatonia and Opeth on Tour!



These are two acts that certainly stretched what the term ‘metal’ means to the limit. They’re both Swedish, and they’ve both started as straight out death/doom acts, with heavy riffs and scary growls. And they’ve both moved in different directions. While Katatonia went into gothic melancholic alternative stuff, Opeth redefined progressive metal by blending that with their original sound. These two acts are touring together and the result is mesmerizing.

Katatonia took to the stage first, and without asking any questions just unleashed their crystal-sounding, latest-four-albums based set, with special highlight to their new album Dead End Kings, represented by the songs “The Parting”, “Buildings”, “The Racing Heart” and “Letheam”. Within one hour, the audience could see (and hear) how this band evolved from ‘just another Scandinavian metal band’ to a plateau of their own, where they can hardly be touched.

Opeth came next with a beautiful version of “The Devil’s Orchard” from the new album Heritage, followed by an interesting mix of songs from the past, such as “Ghost of Perdition”, “Atonement”, and the highlight “Demon of the Fall” in acoustic format, proving their mastery over the perfect blending of several opposing musical moods. The encore was the stamp on the letter that says, “We’re Opeth, and you know we’re one of a kind”…the magical “Blackwater Park” from the album of the same name.

There are bands that treat their music as just another piece of the business puzzle they’re trying so hard to put together. There are bands that treat their music as the outlet for what makes them angry, moody or happy. And there are bands like these that belong to a very selected group: the ones that put their art and the perfecting of said art above everything else. The result of the latter: venue packed with art lovers that were touched by some magic, and left the place with smiles in their faces and water in their eyes.



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