Who Else Will Rock Clarke Quay?


This weekend, Singapore’s Clarke Quay will play host to Music Matters Live, showcasing over 40 bands in various venues scattered throughout the popular nightspot. Last week, we picked out 7 must-see acts – but you didn’t think we would stop there, did you? Here’s 7 more of our favourite bands from the line-up, be sure to catch them and perhaps they’ll be your favourites too!

The Great Spy Experiment – Class A Love Affair

The Great Spy Experiment has been long heralded as Singapore indie rock royalty – have a listen to the addictive ‘Siti in the City’ on our SEA Absolute Indie Compilation and you’ll find out why. Their sharp looks, catchy hooks and enigmatic performances have impressed audiences in cities as far as Paris, Texas and New York, so we can’t wait to see them back on the Singapore stage. Also, they’ve promised a preview of new material from their upcoming album ‘Litmus’, so we’re definitely in for a treat!

Turtle Giant – Something That You Need

Turtles may be slow but Turtle Giant has definitely gone far – the band was formed in 2009 in São Paulo by Brazilian-Macanese brothers Beto and Fredji Ritchie but is currently based in Macau, China, joined by António Conceição. If you happen to fall in love with them once you’ve seen them on Music Matters Live and can’t get enough of their laidback indie-blues sound, you’d be pleased to know that you can also catch them playing an intimate set at The Pigeonhole with Singapore’s very own The Sets Band on the 26th of May, from 3pm to 5pm.

The Auditory Effect – 4:29

In between recording their upcoming EP due in August, Singapore’s The Auditory Effect has gained rave reviews after opening for Foster the People earlier this year, winning over the crowd with their electrifying dancefloor grooves. Another reason to catch The Auditory Effect: their multi-talented drummer Audrey Fenghuang also writes for Music Weekly!

USS – Laces Out

Canadian duo USS, which is short for Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (not Universal Studios Singapore, mind you), is fronted by Ash Boo-Schultz and backed up by turntablist and ‘hype man extraordinaire’ Human Kebab. Their quirkiness doesn’t stop there – check out this music video for their track ‘Laces Out’, which features singing choir boys, dancing robot girls and bodybuilders. If it’s any indication, USS’s live performances will be sure to incite a dance party or two right in the heart of Clarke Quay.

Charlie Lim – There Is No Love

Now based in Melbourne, Charlie Lim returns to his homeland Singapore this weekend to take the stage at Music Matters Live. Describing his music as ‘tasteful, soulful pop’, we predict that Charlie will be able to charm even the most nonchalant of passers-by with his live performance. Read a review of his show at The Pigeonhole here.

Orangegrass – Ride

Taiwanese trio Orangegrass play an honest, emotive brand of effects-driven indie rock. Comprising of Klark (lead guitar, lead vocals), Blue (bass and backup vocals) and Larsq (drums), their music is said to reflect “a rainy city crowded with people and their complicated relationships.” Even if you won’t be able to understand their lyrics, the heartfelt music of Orangegrass is bound to transcend all language barriers and form a connection with newfound fans.

SIXX – Hubert

If you haven’t had the chance to watch SIXX in action, then you definitely shouldn’t miss this chance to see them work their magic at Music Matters Live. The 9-strong musical outfit never fails to put up an unforgettable live performance, with their smooth hip-hop sound, fluid rhymes and oodles of stage presence. Throw your SIXX signs up!

The full line-up and schedule of Music Matters Live can be found here, or simply download the official mobile app to stay updated on the go. See you there!