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Wormrot: Just Dive In


Three-men grindcore outfit Wormrot has arguably chalked up more mileage than most other Singapore bands combined, considering their extensive tours in far-flung corners of Europe including Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Taking a well-deserved hiatus after the recently-concluded whirlwind tour, Music Services Asia grabs the chance to chat with Wormrot guitarist Rasyid about their tour mishaps, thoughts on music as a career and their peculiar choice of covering a certain female-fronted indie band – read on to find out more!

Music Services Asia: Hello and welcome back! Wormrot has seen its fair share of misadventures – what were the highlights and low points of your recently-concluded Europe tour?

Wormrot: It was by far the best tour we’ve done, from the planning stages, the body of the tour and how it ended. We did not encounter as many problems as we did during our past tours, our experiences had prepared us for any bumps down the road. We ended the tour at Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech, and it was the best ending to a tour we could ever hoped for; playing in a festival where it all began for us a few years ago. Of course, something bad HAS to happen in the tour. One day before Obscene Extreme Festival, we played in Cadca, Slovakia. The promoter of the show decided to run off with our money and leave us stranded with no place to sleep.

How has signing with Earache Records benefited the band on an international level?

So far, the only plus point that I really appreciate is the promotion we get from the label and the massive exposure we get playing with well-known bands in bars and festivals. Other than that, we’re kinda 50/50. The business side of things is tough. I wouldn’t wanna elaborate on that.

Are the members of Wormrot pursuing music on a full-time basis? What do you think it takes for a band from Singapore to be capable of doing so?

We’re still trying to make that a reality. It’s extremely difficult, even borderline insane, but it’s not impossible. What does it take? No idea, once we’re there I’ll give you a heads up!

Based on your experiences, any words of advice for other bands from South-East Asia with regards to touring overseas?

First you’ve gotta ask why should you be touring. Do you wanna have a holiday, or do you wanna bust your ass off promoting your band? Which means giving your all every night on stage. You need to sell your merch. You need money to pay your driver and the rented equipments. Food. A place to stay every night. You need your driver rested for the next road trip. You need to stay sober, sometimes. Have you called your needy girlfriend to tell her you’re coming back in 2 months and pray she doesn’t cheat on you? Haha! Too many things I can advise. Or you can just dive in and see where it goes from there, just like us.

Wormrot has released an eye-opening cover of saccharine-sweet indie band Eisley’s ‘Many Funerals’. What other musical guilty pleasures can the band share with us?

I wouldn’t call it guilty pleasure actually; these are bands that you listen to casually and whether you like it or not, they will have an influence in how you write your music. I can’t describe to you how much I love Eisley. Arif listens to soul and R&B, Fitri listens to deathcore and Katy Perry. No reason to be ashamed. I listen to almost anything. Just don’t give me that deathcore shit with guys jogging on the spot with their singlets, auto-tuned vocals, bass drops and synthesizers, it annoys me.