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Apple Music is finally available on Android, but does anyone care?

Apple Music has released an app for the Google Play store, offering Android users the opportunity to use the app for the first time on their mobile devices, but how easily will they be able to convince Android users of its merits?  

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Uber and Spotify Announce Partnership

Two of the most exciting new technology start-ups have announced an exciting partnership allowing users to listen to their own customized playlists through the stereo whilst being driven to their destinations.   From tomorrow, Uber users with premium accounts (sorry cheapskates!) will be able to connect via Bluetooth into their cab’s music system and choose what gets played in their ride. So […]

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Spotify now available in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong

This is how it works, and how much it will probably cost you.

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The Infinite Beatboxers: Interview with Incredibox

You might have crossed the path of Incredibox’s gangster-looking virtual beatboxers in the Internet nooks and get them help you create your soul music composition. Or, you might get addicted soon after reading our interview with CEO and co-founder Flora Commaret!

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Create Multi-Angle Videos: CrowdSync + Vyclone

We’ve talked about an app that pairs off users’ videos of the same event to make multi-angle videos before and since then, similar apps came to form. But how does one fare from the other? We took a closer look.

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Pandora Sets Foot on AU and NZ

One of America’s well-known Internet radios, Pandora, is finally available in Australia and New Zealand. The music recommendation service, which has been limited to US territories since 2007, now marks its first international expansion by frolicking back to Pacific shores. Over the past five years, Pandora complied with the requirements offered by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a copyright […]

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Deezer’s App Studio and new partnerships to drive music discovery

Deezer announced the next stage of ‘Open Deezer’ – the easiest and broadest music API open to developers – as well as new strategic partnerships and a series of innovative technological updates.

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A winning combo for quality live videos: is accelerating the current music industry shift towards its core – the artists. Interview with Company Director Dr Nicholas Hansen.

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Got questions? Vyou to Answer.

Overrule Twitter’s 140 character limit with VYou.

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Collaborations Made Possible with Social Music App, Nana

With 4400 users signed up to the service, one couldn’t be fazed with the problem of finding someone to do their duets and harmonies with!

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3 steps for a full live experience & digital memory

Thank God we’re in the digital era; we don’t need to only rely on our brain and/or pen and paper while organizing ourselves before, during and after a gig. Here are 3 new apps for that!

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NewsLoop – Now on the iPhone!

With the iPhone version of NewsLoop by SingTel, the best selection of content from over 230 top local and international media sources in 26 categories of stories is in the palm of your hand.

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The New MTV: Online Music Televisions

The next best thing after old-days MTV: online music televisions.

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Like Paint by Numbers: DIY Poster Designs for Musicians

Not everyone is gifted with Pablo Picasso-ish, Andy Warhol-esque, or even Raphael-like hands. Since music and art seem to go hand in hand, it’s only normal for some musicians to feel the pressure to design a wicked poster for their upcoming Friday night gig. We’re going to lift that pressure off of your musically gifted shoulders and let you give […]

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Name that Song: Shazam + SoundHound ends the Charade

If you’re one of those people who still spend an amount of time listening to radio, then you must have at least  experienced hearing a song and instantly loving it – but to your dismay, unable to catch who was singing it and what it’s called. Most people resort to remembering lines from the song and typing them up on Google, […]

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Music Mates: Serendip +

The Internet has become a place for everyone to meet new people — it is where geography is no longer a problem to meet and connect with individuals you never would have met in person. People connect because of similarities: chat rooms were generated for specific fandoms, forums on certain issues. For people who live and breathe music, it’s only […]

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Walk the Talk: Brag and Share with these Apps

Getting the word out about one’s music or band is not a very easy task. Even worse is trying to get the music heard and unto a wider audience — yes, one that expands moms, dads, siblings, relatives and best friends.  We know these struggles, so in return, we’re always on the lookout for any new services and apps that could […]

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Songkick Detour brings live acts to Singapore and Jakarta, with you

Shaking up the traditional approach of event organization, Songkick, the go-to concert listings site, proposes the Songkick Detour project to music lovers in Singapore and Jakarta. Read our chat with Daniel Rogers, Head of Marketing.

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Illegal download? LEGALIZE IT!

Here’s a clever way to keep people from illegally downloading music: Legalize It. Developed on Music Hack Day Barcelona by Ben Fields, this app indicates the most shared albums on Bit Torrent, and leads the users to listen to those tracks on Spotify instead. Spotify, in return, will let you stream music for free – and give you the chance you […]

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Stay in the Loop with NewsLoop

Spend your morning with a hot cup of coffee while catching up on the latest news with NewsLoop, Singtel’s newly launched iPad app that collates articles from a wide range of local and international media sources and blogs into a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface.

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