Digital & Mobile — May 24, 2013 at 5:15 pm

Beatport gets Spotify connectivity…kinda.

Still upset that the Spotify Beatport merger we were promised years ago never came through? Well wipe away those tears because programmer Roy Iacob has taken it upon himself to bring the companies together through his new website Beatport 2 Spotify.
Operating on the simplest of interfaces, the free service lists the current Beatport top 100 with direct links to every track available on Spotify. Constantly scraping both sites for updates, the website effectively  bridges the gap between the outlets to provide direct access to full length versions of Beatport’s high sellers.
There is a catch though, and it’s a big one. As Beatport is the electronic hub, many artists will launch and gain success on the platform before even considering further dissemination through Spotify. Unlike the original jaw dropping announcement of direct access to every track, the homemade solution only offers around half of the chart’s bangers.
Imperfections aside, however, it’s an undeniably impressive initiative from a young music fan who’s gone beyond the basic linking function to include Timeframe, Region, With Link and Top 40 features. It may not be the big reveal of every track under the sun suddenly being available to stream, but you’ve got to admire the simplicity and functionality of Iacob’s design.