Digital, Digital & Mobile — December 20, 2012 at 4:43 pm

Deezer announces a Special discovery offer for Singapore audiences


New ad-supported music service launches in Singapore to bring artists the worldwide audiences they deserve.


Leading music subscription service Deezer today announced the launch of an ad-supported music streaming service in Singapore. It forms part of the global roll out of Deezer’s global ad-supported service across more than 150 countries; a first in kind that will reach a potential audience of at least 600 million people. The company also unveiled Deezer4Artists (D4A), a unique new platform that will redefine the relationship between artists and music fans worldwide.

Today’s announcement is the next step in Deezer’s quest to liberate music and rebuild its value, restoring the magical connection between artist and fans. Deezer’s vision for music was outlined at London’s Abbey Road Studios in October, at the same time as the news of its $130 million funding.

Axel Dauchez, Deezer’s CEO said: “For the first time, all barriers to music discovery and reach have been completely lifted.  This is a very significant moment for both music lovers and for artists.  We will allow fans all around the world to enter the musician’s creative universe, discovering new and exciting content, ultimately enhancing their enjoyment of music. At the same time, through fantastic tools, we are supporting the artists’ need to engage with their fans and reach a deeper understanding of what makes them fall in love with a track. In today’s environment, such a tool could help make or break an artist.”


Ad-supported service with unlimited music access with boost mass appeal

On the launch of the freemium model, Dauchez said: “Outstanding local artists from all corners of the globe such as Aliff Aziz or MONSTER CAT from Malaysia and Singapore will have access to a huge new audience, plus powerful new ways to create emotional engagement with fans. The face of music is set to change permanently – the next global smash could be from Africa or Latin America.”

The new ad-funded free service will be launched in more than 150 countries today.  This will extend Deezer’s potential reach to 600 million users. Today also marks another important moment in Deezer’s evolution, as the company achieves 3 million paying subscribers who, on average, listen to 60 hours of music per month.

Firstly, Deezer will offer music fans in Singapore two hours per month of ad-supported, free listening on PCs and laptops for life. Providing users with a free 30 day trial of Premium+ upon mobile activation will furthermore serve to encourage discovery on mobile and tablets.

In addition, to reach a mass audience Deezer will offer users in Singapore a discovery period of 6 months of unlimited free music on PCs and laptops.

Dauchez commented, “Deezer has a proven track record of profitability and sustainability. Now we’re embarking upon the next stage in our journey towards becoming known to households around the world. Our ad-supported service is a necessary trigger to drive global change by bringing music subscription to mass audiences worldwide. Our aim here is to encourage music fans to try us, driving ad-supported service listeners to switch to paid subscription over time. Once they have properly experienced Deezer, people do not go back.”


D4A : a holistic program to reinvent the artist – fan connection

D4A is comprised of seven core features which will give musicians and their labels the tools to truly understand their fans and the ability to run their own creative space on Deezer, whilst allowing fans to find and follow artists and enjoy exclusive content.

  • Deezer analytics: Artists and their labels will be granted real time access to streaming data – allowing the journey of their music to be followed worldwide. It will also provide valuable audience information, giving artists and labels rich demographic insights so they can understand exactly who is listening and see the streams that are trending. Furthermore, a cut down version will be available to all Deezer users, enabling people across the world to see which artists are popular, like a musical version of Twitter’s trending topics, enabling them to find new artists to follow.
  • Deezer certified accounts: Each artist will be given a certified account, visible on Deezer. Fans can follow and interact with artists such as Lykke Li, Fun. or Alif Satar as well as discover their playlists, news, concerts and listening habits.
  • Deezer pages: Artist pages will be overhauled and redesigned to allow any given artist power over customisation, from look and feel to the information they display. Artists can also link these to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The very first Deezer artist page will feature electro act Justice; check out their facebook account for the big reveal in the coming days.
  • Deezer uploader: Artists will be able to directly upload audio exclusive content of many different types. Deezer will offer a unique space to host artists’ audio Q&As, interviews, album commentaries and samples, bringing them closer to fans and enabling them to share ever richer types of content with them.
  • Open Deezer: Deezer has created an open app development programme, at the core of which is a specifically dedicated work group that will support artists to innovate and create software that brings music to new audiences in new ways. By calling upon Deezer Open API team expertise there’s no limit to how artists and labels can remodel the fan experience through exciting new applications.

And what’s more…

  • Deezer affiliation: In early 2013 Deezer will release a full affiliation system allowing artists or commercial partners to be rewarded for any new subscriber they bring to Deezer.
  • Deezer Artist packages: Also in early 2013, Deezer’s editorial teams will select and champion artists who will be offered special promotional packages specifically designed to help support them at different stages of their career. This will give chosen artists tremendous support and visibility, and builds on editorial teams’ existing ability to highlight and recommend musicians using their expertise and passion.

Dauchez added: “The long term value of music relies on rebuilding the quality of the relationship between the artists and their fans. We are thrilled to be using technological innovation to forge a deeper link between the two.”


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