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YouTube: Music – How to Get More Subscribers

How to engage more YouTube subscribers to watch more and longer? Be ready to look like a flytrap after reading these insightful tips!

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Spotify now available in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong

This is how it works, and how much it will probably cost you.

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Our Picks from MIDEM Hack Day

We’ve taken a look at the MIDEM Hack Day’s products and picked three of our favorites – and we think you should check them out too!

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Deezer ventures to 22 new territories: Middle East, Asia, Africa, Brazil

Global music subscription service Deezer has announced its launch in 22 new countries including the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, in Asia.

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Deezer announces a Special discovery offer for Singapore audiences

Today marks the launch of an ad-supported music streaming service in Singapore and of Deezer4Artists (D4A), a unique new platform that will redefine the relationship between artists and music fans worldwide.

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Pandora Sets Foot on AU and NZ

One of America’s well-known Internet radios, Pandora, is finally available in Australia and New Zealand. The music recommendation service, which has been limited to US territories since 2007, now marks its first international expansion by frolicking back to Pacific shores. Over the past five years, Pandora complied with the requirements offered by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a copyright […]

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Bandcamp Gets Social

UPDATE (01/17/13): Bandcamp has now launched its fan pages. To be a part of it, users must purchase.   Fans of Bandcamp would be thrilled to know that the online music store-slash-artist platform now issued out Fan Accounts for some of their users. Still in beta, a Fan Account features a customizable page for its users to display their Bandcamp […]

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Got questions? Vyou to Answer.

Overrule Twitter’s 140 character limit with VYou.

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Google Gets Blocked in China

No Youtube, now no Google too? Seems like that’s how things rolled in China last Friday: Google services have become inaccessible. Read more here.

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Soundcloud Gets a Revamp

The folks at Soundcloud are upping their game with the Next Soundcloud. Have a peek on what’s new!

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Twitter is an iTunes Affiliate

If you like to tweet about that song or album you currently have on repeat, you might be thrilled to know that you can earn from that mere habit. As revealed by, Twitter is a ceritified iTunes affiliate. Once you tweet with an iTunes link, a ‘view album’ option can now be seen near the retweet and favorite buttons.  Your followers can easily stream […]

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Apple Launches New EarPods

It was a big week at the Apple headquarters as they’ve just released the new iPhone 5, drawing lines of fans and techies eager to get their hands on it. Also released on the same day was their new Apple EarPods ($29), a definite improvement from the Apple Earbuds.  Designed by Apple, the EarPods are “defined by the geometry of […]

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Create accurate relationships with The Appreciation Engine

“Pinpoint affinity and focus on the fans that matter” – The Appreciation Engine helps companies and musicians to gather the right information about their core fans. Read our discussion with Annabel Youens, Chief Marketing Officer.

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Getting Down with Deezer

The wait is over! Web-based music streaming site Deezer recently announced its launch in South-East Asia to the delight of music lovers all over the region. Very soon, the lucky folks in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia will be able to access millions of tracks on Deezer’s incredibly easy-to-use website.

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Apple iTunes store finally in Asia

Good news: Apple has finally launched the iTunes store to a whopping 12 countries in the Asian region! Users from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam can now enjoy an incredible load of local and international music from major and independent labels, featuring the likes of Asian sensations Jay Chou and […]

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Presenting the world of Twitmusic

The influx of new music sites that incorporate social media could be attributed to the fact that users have the urge to show off the music they’re listening to. Musicians have also been taking advantage of the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to share new music and keep their fans updated. Philippines-based Twitmusic is the latest […]

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New technologies threaten Apple’s music-loving user-base

The poor folks over at Apple must be shaking in their boots. Yesterday’s somewhat embarrassing unveiling of the iPhone4S (instead the iPhone5, as promised) has sparked a renewed interest in the progress of iCloud; Apple’s largest online music and data storage space, conceptualized as a means of keeping information in the same place, aka. Not localized to a particular phone, […]

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Gently down the stream: Why free music streaming isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

If my mother taught me nothing else, it’s that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Music is no exception; since the dawn of Napster (and all the other trendy downloading and torrent-based sites that have justifiably been closed down), greedy music-mongers have been desperately searching for an alternative method of gaining access to their favorite tunes, without the […]

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