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Music, Radio, Freedom at Sonar Radio’s Eklektikon


Eklektikon is one of Sonar Radio‘s freshest radio programmes, which started in October 2011. The FM offer is quite limited to commercial stations in Singapore, and Internet gives a larger playground for music discovery. We had a chat with Kostas Repanas and John Common to know more about the Singaporean radio landscape and their music emission, Eklektikon, broadcasted every Saturday, 2 PM (GMT +8).

Before talking about your radio show, could you give us a brief idea of the radio offer in Singapore?
So, honestly we feel that radio has changed with the advent of internet radio stations and also the many ‘listen again’ services that are provided worldwide.
FM radio is overly bureaucratic in the way it is controlled here in Singapore and as a result that feeds down to the music that is played because of the safe musical selection that is aired. There are a few pioneers out there that push the limits and the boundaries, and fair credit to them, but we feel that there is now many other opportunities that can be accessible to all to broadcast and many more people are doing this with podcasts and blogs everyday.
We are now in a global radio market where the airwaves are now internet waves that have no boundaries. For example, it’s great the response we get to our show from listeners in Russia, Greece, Spain, Uk as well as here in our home city of Singapore.

What are the Sonar Radio audience’s expectations in terms of music and content?

We think people who tune into Sonar expect music that is beyond the mainstream, things that they will be challenged with but also relate to. It’s not that Sonar.SG, Real Radio, doesn’t play popular music it’s just that the audience knows that this will come in a mix with other new music that they are yet to love! Sonar’s strength and uniqueness is that the content is selected by people and collectives that are passionate about music. Most of these people are musicians and DJs that really are immersed in music.

How did you start Eklektikon for Sonar Radio? What’s the emission’s general idea?
Eklektikon was started as a project where we could share our current musical collection and an excuse for us to listen to more of the new great music that is out there. As this is a weekly show we get to meet and discuss music that we like and this forms the selection choices for the final playlists! We try to play different genres of music, with a slant toward the electronic side of things, in an eclectic style. We also wanted to have a show where we invited guests and friends to share and discover music together.

Tell us about your next show, broadcasted next Saturday at 2pm (Singapore time)?
So if you want to hear about our next show you will have to tune into Sonar Radio to find out, haha. Basically we don’t know until the day itself and some times until we hit record. We bring 20 tracks we like into the studio and fight it out as to what will get played. As a guess, you can expect to hear quality electronic music from around the globe.

John and Kostas

Find Eklektikon on Facebook and Mixcloud, and listen to Sonar Radio!