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Getting Down with Deezer


The wait is over! Web-based music streaming site Deezer recently announced its launch in South-East Asia to the delight of music lovers all over the region. Very soon, the lucky folks in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia will be able to access millions of tracks on Deezer’s incredibly easy-to-use website. South-East Asian artists and musicians are also well-represented on the Deezer catalog – we’ve even found regional favourites such as The Camerawalls, MONSTER CAT, B-Quartet, Mocca and more for your listening pleasure! Music Weekly conducted an exclusive interview with Laurent Billion, Chief International Officer at Deezer, to find out more about the fantastic platform and what they have in store for us in South-East Asia!

Music Weekly: Hello Deezer! For all the music lovers who are unfamiliar with your service, can you tell us what it’s all about?

Laurent Billion, Chief International Officer at Deezer: Deezer is a web-based music streaming service that lets you listen to the music that you love wherever you are, whatever the device you’re using.  We offer instant access to more than 18 million titles on demand, and to 3,000 artists radios, while we specialise in music discovery – helping you uncover hidden gems and new favourites from within a music library that spans decades.

Deezer is the first truly global music listening solution, currently made up of a community of 20 million users across more than 90 territories worldwide.

There’s a wide number of ways to listen to music online – what makes Deezer special? 

We’ve removed the barriers to listening to the music you love. Just go to and you can play a huge repertoire of 18 million tracks through one click, with no invasive software to download. You can even listen to your music library in “offline mode”, if you haven’t got access to the internet, WiFi or 3G.

Deezer is fully integrated into Facebook.  Social discovery has never been so easy. You can listen to your music directly from Facebook and discover new artists, playlists and songs via your friends, and they can do the same. If you want of course, you can turn off this feature.  Moreover there’s no software to download so listening is instant.

Above all though, we believe that music fans deserve more than just a large music database.  We aim to provide something that they can’t get anywhere else –  editorial recommendations made by real people and music-loving local editors.  We’re the only service that will provide you with new recommended albums across every genre every week, available on our website and across all devices (mobile, tablets etc).  We strongly believe that music is all about discovering new artists you’ll love. You can also read album reviews written by music experts and the bios of your favourite artists directly on Deezer.  We like to think that Deezer’s editorial helps promote and break new acts.

When you look at our track record to date, ours success in France is exceptional and unrivalled. Deezer is the only actor to have achieved its current levels of satisfaction (70% conversion level for Try & Buy, 90% satisfaction level). These figures are the best proof of Deezer’s potential.

What are the reasons behind the expansion into South-East Asia?

Put simply, our aim is to take music to the world – that’s why we’ve already launched in more than 90 territories.  We know there is real passion for music in South-East Asia, and we see a huge opportunity for us to reach new music fans and show them what music streaming has to offer, particularly thanks to recent technology developments throughout the region. 

For example, in Malaysia we’re seeing high rates of smartphone uptake, meaning that music fans can take their music and content with them wherever they go and access it from any device.  In Singapore, there’s a goal to provide 90% of households with high speed internet access.  In Thailand, the popularity of ringback tone sales alone suggests that reasonably priced streaming services could benefit from offering consumers higher quality music everywhere, on any device.  It’s clear that streaming is set to take off in a big way in South-East Asia, and we intend to be the first place people go to experience music.

In what ways does Deezer personalise the listening experience for music-lovers in South-East Asia? 

You’ll already find many artists from South-East Asia, such as Gun the Star and da Endorphine in our catalogue.  This is because our technology has been designed to be adaptable at local level. We customise the content of our service to reflect the cultural diversity and tastes of each country we operate in.  It’s a local service for listening to music, not just a uniform global offering.

How does Deezer establish a relationship with the local music scenes in each particular country? 

All over the world, we aim to be a key partner to the music industry.  We have so far partnered with more than 2.000 labels and rights management companies including of course the 4 majors and a number of independents from around the world.  To help us support artists, we have also formed agreements with rights administrators in each country (Sacem in France, PRS in the UK etc).

What are the various subscription rates and account types that are offered on Deezer in South-East Asia? 

There are two types of accounts, Premium and Premium+.  Premium offers you unlimited streaming on any PC/Mac with enhanced sound quality.  Premium+ extends this access to all of your handheld devices, in addition to your PC/Mac.  Subscription rates range from $4.99 USD per month to $9.99 USD per month, depending on the country and type of account you require.


Head over to the Deezer website to find out more!