Digital, Digital & Mobile — November 12, 2012 at 2:27 pm

Google Gets Blocked in China


No Youtube, now no Google too? Seems like that’s how things were in China last Friday (November 9).

Google’s services – search engine, e-mail, maps, Drive included – have become inaccessible for more than 12 hours, reports say. Real-time testers of blocked sites in China,, reported a possible case of DNS poisoning, leading any look-ups from China to an IP address in Korea.  Assumptions have been made that the block was due to the 18th Chinese Communist Party Congress, said to be “the most important political meeting in China in ten years” (South China Post), which convened on Thursday (November 8). 

Google claims that there seems to be no fault on their end; as of Saturday (November 10), confirms that the block has been lifted, but some services still remain censored.