Apps, Digital, Digital & Mobile — November 23, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Got questions? Vyou to Answer.


Every once in a while artists on Twitter holds an “Ask (insert artist’s name) a question” day on social media networks like Twitter. It’s either that or they’ve suddenly got free time on their hands to interact with their fans. Some questions are easily answerable by a yes or no, some are trickier and could get quite frustrating with Twitter’s 140 character limit. Consequently, spelling and syntax sometimes gets compromised, or a 3-part tweet has to be composed to get the point across or Twitlonger had to be used – that is, til VYou came along.

Taking the Q&A experience up a notch, VYou is a video platform that now allows Twitter folks to see and answer to questions on Twitter by using video responses. That’s right, no more boring text and overused emoticons, hello, real expressions! The videos will be posted on VYou’s website and then tweeted out to the user’s followers. One can also opt for private video responses. Now that sounds like the perfect way for artists to get in touch and interact with their fans.

Since its inception in late 2010, VYou now has a growing community. Its mobile version is available at the App Store, Google Play, and AppWorld without even costing you a penny.