Digital & Mobile, Music Business — October 25, 2011 at 2:37 pm

HP to continue intimate music campaign, in support of Beats Audio



There’s “walking the walk” and “talking the talk,” but now the bigwigs at Hewlett Packard have begun a more personal campaign of schmoozing in order to attract the biggest online Music clients in the industry. Launched last year as a means of spreading the latest news on HP products through Cyberspace, HP’s Music Influencer program is designed to integrate digital music and social media practitioners with the newest line of HP products – in a face-to-face, conference-style atmosphere. The program has been met with interest by those within both industries, and embraced by prolific social media bloggers such as Arjan Timmermans – owner and manager of power-blog,

The ARTIST#TALK program, a “listening party” held by HP where high profile musicians (such as the UK’s Tinie Tempah) and a specially selected audience of social media practitioners, bloggers, website owners or others with a formidably online presence, is a major step in extending the proverbial hand of HP to the international music industry. The program serves a duel function: to remove the wall between musicians and social media practitioners in a rapidly evolving industry, and to harness a new audience for their $300 million pet project, Beats Audio – HP’s exclusive audio editing and production software, which is available through HP and serves as an alternative to softwares such as Protools and Logic.

Of the change, HP anticipates a jump in social media statistics, which are currently measured by Klout – one of the world’s most recognized outlets for social media trends and analytics. The move will boost the international, online profile of HP’s music products, which have been completing on a global scale with technologies from major competitors such as Apple.


By Stephanie Winkler