Digital & Mobile — January 21, 2013 at 5:40 pm

Indian Streaming Service Start-Ups: Dhingana, Saavn, Gaana


When we looked into China’s online streaming services last week, we also checked how things are going – music streaming-wise – over Bollywood land. We seem to have checked right on time as online music site, launched their mobile app., which was then web-based, hit a whopping 1M registered users as the year started, and has recorded over a hundred million minutes of consumption in 2012. Imagine how the numbers would grow now that it’s available even for people-on-the-go.

Rivals Dhingana and Saavn, which both launched mobile versions last year, should try to keep up and stay afloat, respectively, with the game: Gaana is on the same level with Saavn on its availability on all four platforms (iOs, Android, Blackberry, J2ME) while Dhingana falls short on J2ME availability. Looking at the three services’ catalogues, Dhingana has 500, 000 songs in 35 languages while Saavn boasts of 1M tracks under license and its counterpart, Saavn English, has 250, 000 tracks from international artists. Gaana levels with Saavn on the number 1M with its mix of Indian and Western tracks.

As for its users? Dhingana reportedly entertains 15 million active users a month, 40% of which are located outside of India, while Saavn has been housing 9M users since 2011. Quite a steep number for Gaana, but with its availability and catalogue, we’re thinking it won’t be so hard to catch up.

With the absence of streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and Rdio in this region, it seems like India is doing well on its own. Local start-ups Dhingana, Saavn and Gaana seemed to have landed on good footing.