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The Naked and Famous: Singapore calling after a year on the sidelines

The wait is finally over for The Naked and Famous fans. After a full year off the road, the acclaimed group will be performing their first and only show for 2015 at Bliss Out, Singapore’s first boutique yoga and music event. 

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Sundown Festival 2013 Quip: AOA

Sundown Festival is coming back to Singapore on November 16, 2013. Gorgeous K-pop band AOA embarks in our five-question round-up.

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Stimulating Electronic Dance Music Scene Through Community-Based Interaction

Belugabeats is a user-driven electronic music playlist which relies on an algorithm that pulls data from Youtube to keep listeners in the know.

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The Infinite Beatboxers: Interview with Incredibox

You might have crossed the path of Incredibox’s gangster-looking virtual beatboxers in the Internet nooks and get them help you create your soul music composition. Or, you might get addicted soon after reading our interview with CEO and co-founder Flora Commaret!

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Catching Up On Midem 2013

Music Weekly discusses with Midem director, Bruno Crolot, about this year’s edition (January 26-29): highlights, Asian fever, future and evolution of the conference.

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Getting Down with Deezer

The wait is over! Web-based music streaming site Deezer recently announced its launch in South-East Asia to the delight of music lovers all over the region. Very soon, the lucky folks in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia will be able to access millions of tracks on Deezer’s incredibly easy-to-use website.

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Help People. Save Music. Be Rewarded.

Would you believe it if we told you that sharing your favourite musical discoveries with all your friends could actually be a financially rewarding venture for yourself? Read our interview with Tell My Friends’ CEO and Founder Ben Looi to find out more!

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Stay in the Loop with NewsLoop

Spend your morning with a hot cup of coffee while catching up on the latest news with NewsLoop, Singtel’s newly launched iPad app that collates articles from a wide range of local and international media sources and blogs into a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface.

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Tune In to Aweh TV and Qub TV

The Internet is an obvious choice as a platform for showcasing Asian talent on the international stage, while video has proven to be one of the most captivating ways to present music. Web TV melds the two together.

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iWantJam, a music social network

iWantJam is an upcoming social network dedicated to musicians and fans, to be launched in August 2012. Focused on live events and live-streaming, its aim is to closer connect the live music industry and the audience, physically or digitally. We’ve discussed the project with Founder Moataz El-Gohary, who set up iWantJam with his partner/brother Moe Gohary. Read the interview and […]

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Interview with The Wknd

Since its inception in 2008, online music magazine and multimedia platform The Wknd has left an indelible mark on the regional music scene, establishing itself as the go-to source for those seeking out the freshest unsigned and independent music from Malaysia and South-East Asia. Through their extensive collection of specially-produced videos under “The Wknd Sessions” and “Singgah Sekejap” series, The […]

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A crowdfunding platform for Asia: ToGather

Musicians worldwide such as Amanda Palmer and Ben Folds Five have harnessed the power of crowdfunding to raise financial support for their upcoming musical projects. By encouraging pledges from fans in return for special perks and privileges, the essence of crowdfunding goes beyond simply raising money but it also acts as a way to engage and involve listeners in the […]

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Presenting the world of Twitmusic

The influx of new music sites that incorporate social media could be attributed to the fact that users have the urge to show off the music they’re listening to. Musicians have also been taking advantage of the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to share new music and keep their fans updated. Philippines-based Twitmusic is the latest […]

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Interview with YouTube

In today’s world of wireless internet connections and endless array of gadgets, who hasn’t really heard of the video-sharing website YouTube? Its recent launch of localized website versions in the Philippines and Singapore proves that YouTube is set out to conquer the South-East Asia region. So we sat down with Eshan Ponnadurai, Head of YouTube Marketing South-East Asia, and talked […]

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