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iWantJam, a music social network


iWantJam is an upcoming social network dedicated to musicians and fans, to be launched in August 2012. Focused on live events and live-streaming, its aim is to closer connect the live music industry and the audience, physically or digitally. We’ve discussed the project with Founder Moataz El-Gohary, who set up iWantJam with his partner/brother Moe Gohary. Read the interview and discover their artists’ endorsment programme.

Music Services Asia: What are your and your brother’s backgrounds in the music industry, before or while working on iWantJam?

Moataz El-Gohary: I would say our backgrounds are more involved in the music scene and not the music industry. Since our school days, we individually formed several rock bands. To name a few: Legacy, Bleed, Cut & MelanColie. Moe used to sing and play guitar, I played drums.

At the moment, I am collaborating with a couple of musicians, former members of MelanColie (Amir Khalaf: Guitar/other instruments and Muhammad Salah Bass) in writing and producing some original music. Sometimes I write and produce music as well as create themes, sound design and other music tracks for use on radio, television and within multimedia productions, while Moe plays his guitar every now and then.

What is the differentiating element(s) of iWantJam compared to other services like Google+ Hangouts, ChatWithTheBand, StreamJam, etc?

iWantJam is not only an application or an ordinary social platform but a music platform, mainly focusing on live music events. iWantJam will connect a global network of musicians and fans through live shows, video streaming, and social media. Utilizing iWantJam, an artist’s performance at any venue can be seen live and in real time by fans worldwide, with the potential to exponentially increase the scope of their fan base.

Viewers will be able to provide feedback to the artist, making it a more personal experience. Artists get immediate gratification from comments, or a strong signal to give their act a much needed “shot in the arm” with the hope of having better luck the next time around. In the end, it is about leveraging their local concerts internationally.

We also plan to work with venues directly looking for a solution to reach a broader audience as well as music professionals wanting to reach our network of musicians with webinars and online educational events. The core idea behind iWantJam is to connect all elements of the industry – fans, artists, pros and venues – in order to bring interaction to a whole new level.

Could you explain a bit more on iWantJam’s functionalities? Is it aimed to be an app integrated on social networks or a proper website?

At the moment iWantJam is a proper website but as soon as the website is launched, we are planning to develop different kind of applications for social networks and mobile phones to enhance iWantJam’s user experience. Actually, we are trying to focus on engaging the users through a different and unique experience with iWantJam’s user friendly environment which ranges from a social network environment (strictly for music), streaming live music events worldwide, live music guide and even music industry guide.

Will iWantJam be a music discovery tool too? How will it be possible to find bands that I could check regarding my geographic location or my tastes?

Of course, this was actually the original concept behind iWantJam. Artists/Bands will be able to enter their locations (Country & City) and Music genre upon registration and the same applies for fans. Based on this information, users will have the option to find Artists/bands regarding their geographic locations and/or taste. Users can even receive recommendations for artists and fans based on their own musical taste.

Through the Live Music Guide, we also want fans to be able to easily discover other concerts and bands they are not aware of. They may be logging in to see their favorite bands show, but also discover other bands playing in other territories that are performing on the same night. We believe this is a very strong exposure tool for artists and of course a strong discovery tool for fans.

We found out that you’re currently seeking acts to endorse on your site. Do you have any preferences or criteria for picking? How can the bands submit their entry?

iWantJam will be selecting a very limited number of endorsed acts, each receiving prominent exposure through the website such as their music exclusively streamed on the homepage, enhanced artist profile as well as promotion through iWantJam social media sites. Artists and bands will be selected based on a set of criteria reflecting iWantJam’s mission: focused on live music, touring and connecting with fans worldwide through social media. As such, we are not just seeking bands with lots of ‘likes’ or ‘friends’ on social media, but those that are actively engaging with their fans, whether on-stage or online.

Artists/bands can submit their entry by subscribing at: