Digital & Mobile — May 19, 2016 at 1:42 pm

Kobalt launches new app allowing music creators “true transparency” in rights and revenue management


Kobalt has reinforced its platform as a leader in transparency, today making its music publishing portal available to be accessed by an app designed for iOS devices. An Android version is set to arrive in the near future.kobalt-app (1)

Kobalt founder and CEO Willard Ahdritz calls the new tech a “giant step” towards “the same transparent, on-demand access to their data that most other industries already have.”

“Imagine how that will influence their decisions, shape their perspectives.”


In a press release announcing the app, Kobalt claimed that a recent comparison of six Top 100 songs – each administered 50% by Kobalt and 50% by one of the major publishers – showed that Kobalt collected 20-40% more cash for its clients, ‘significantly faster’.


Kobalt claims that with the app, its clients can scroll through their top 100 music earnings at a glance, whether by time period, territory, or type of publishing right. It says the app provides daily updates of activity and the resultant latest income from the top digital music services, including YouTube; it also tracks every synch opportunity.


The app allows clients to compare financial data across previous quarters and lets them find out when their statements are due. “This connection between a creator’s works and their income is the first of its kind,” said Ahdritz. “It’s a fundamental shift in the relationship between rights owners and their data. Imagine how that will influence their decisions, shape their perspectives on the industry and streaming, empowering them with the facts.”


The Kobalt App is free to use for Kobalt Publishing Clients, and is available in countries where the Apple App Store operates.