Apps, Digital & Mobile — October 15, 2012 at 1:45 pm

The New MTV: Online Music Televisions


Remember those days when MTV was just playing your favourite music videos non-stop instead of asking you to care about Paris Hilton’s new BFF or whatever Snooki is up to on the Jersey Shore? Seems like a distant memory, I know, it’s the reason why we’ve decided to come up with the next best thing: online music televisions!

We’ve spotted a few issues back (check Issue 19). To refresh both our memories, has more than 200,000 videos available in its database – mostly hosted by YouTube. The US free web app can also be accessed in your tablets or mobile devices, and rolls out video after video with Main Channels including Alternative, College, Country, Electronica/Dance, Hip Hop/Rap, International/World, Latin, Pop, RnB/Soul, Rock, SXSW (for promising newbies!) and Top 40. If you don’t like the current tune, simply click next; if you need to go to the loo but can’t miss the whole video, then just click pause. You can also customize your own channel to watch all of your favourite tunes or simply click ‘like’ at the bottom which automatically adds the current videos on ‘Your liked videos’ playlist.


Cull TV

Founded in 2011, Cull TV houses 2 to 3 million music videos and adds 100 new ones every day. Quite a number! It’s the best place to discover new jams and bands (our Crush of the Day post last Friday is a living proof) with its fun categories like New Music Television, Dirty Sticky Floors, Black Hoodie Rap, Indie Overground, Twang Nation, Oldies Night!, and NSFW Jams. It has 36 channels to be exact, and has ‘share’ options for your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Google+ sites.

With a cleaner interface, might be a personal favourite. With easy to spot categories which includes Club, Comedy, Dance, Electornic, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, pop, Rap, RnB, and Rock, aims to present the coolest and hippest music videos by gathering in 3 methods: 1) Vevo and other major label hosting sites; 2) Indie hosting blogs and labels and; 3) YouTube and other major label hosting sites. It gives the perfect mix of popular artists like M. Ward and Jack White for the Indie Rock category to newbies gaining traction like Cloud Nothings and Hospitality. The auto player allows you to jump from video to video, pause, and it can also be refreshed for a new set of tunes on the playlist.

So turn off that TV and leave Snooki and Pauly D be – you can just stick to what you love best: good ol’ music videos.