Digital, Digital & Mobile, Events — February 4, 2013 at 11:15 am

Our Picks from MIDEM Hack Day


MIDEM wrapped it up in Cannes, France a week ago, but it left us a few things to talk about for the coming days — including the products of their 3rd MIDEM Hack Day. With 27 talented coders and designers from all over the world spending 45 hours to team up and create brilliant new hacks, the group of hackers impressively presented 18 projects which ranged from a collaborative music game to a personal assistant ala Siri. We’ve taken a look at the event’s products and picked three of our favorites – and we think you should check them out too!



Created by Ben Fields of Musicmetric, VidSwappr makes it possible for you to swap your video’s audio with another. With a public vidswap creation on the works, here’s a quick sample of the hack for you: it’s Daft Punk’s dancey video of “Around the World” paired of with Skrillex’s “Reptile” – it’s pretty fantastic.


Here’s a fun hack: Aaron Randall of Songkick decided to make a Siri for music, Miri. While still in progress, during the Midem Hack Day demos, Randall was able to present the hack posing questions like “Who are the Rolling Stones?” and commanding the app to play “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” for everyone.

(Miri Demo starts 15:09 – 18:33)


The most helpful hack of the bunch, Sparetick is Vivien Barousse of Songkick’s creation as well as the salvation for the world’s biggest procrastinators on purchasing concert tickets (coughs).  It works pretty easily but requires you to use your Twitter account. You just need to tweet by using the hashtag #needtickets – well, if you need ’em and #sparetickets for those whose dates flaked out on them. Sparetick’s Twitter account will then find your match and let you know through a tweet.

Seems pretty promising! The rest of the hacks are here; check them out and you might find something cooler. Do let us know!