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Spotify now available in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong

This is how it works, and how much it will probably cost you.

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Turning Tables Launches Cambodia Youth Music Workshop Campaign

Turning Tables gives the unprivileged youth of third world countries the gift of music.

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Twitter Celebrates Seven Years

Happy bday Twitter!

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YouTube Hits 1 Billion Monthly Views, Overthrowing Facebook as Top Social Media Network for Teens

Online media giant, Youtube, announced a new milestone this week, reaching one billion unique monthly views.

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Stimulating Electronic Dance Music Scene Through Community-Based Interaction

Belugabeats is a user-driven electronic music playlist which relies on an algorithm that pulls data from Youtube to keep listeners in the know.

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The Infinite Beatboxers: Interview with Incredibox

You might have crossed the path of Incredibox’s gangster-looking virtual beatboxers in the Internet nooks and get them help you create your soul music composition. Or, you might get addicted soon after reading our interview with CEO and co-founder Flora Commaret!

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ReverbNation Launches ‘Music for Good’

ReverbNation toys around with the idea of giving back through downloading music from their very own ‘Music for Good’.

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Share XL files with BitTorrent’s SoShare

SoShare is a new file-sharing system. It might be one more service among YouSendIt, Dropbox or WeTransfer, but the big difference with the above-cited is that SoShare allows users to send files with no size limit, with the first terabyte free of charge. That’s pretty good news for the creative industries, where large files are part of the work routine. […]

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Create Multi-Angle Videos: CrowdSync + Vyclone

We’ve talked about an app that pairs off users’ videos of the same event to make multi-angle videos before and since then, similar apps came to form. But how does one fare from the other? We took a closer look.

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Our Picks from MIDEM Hack Day

We’ve taken a look at the MIDEM Hack Day’s products and picked three of our favorites – and we think you should check them out too!

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Deezer ventures to 22 new territories: Middle East, Asia, Africa, Brazil

Global music subscription service Deezer has announced its launch in 22 new countries including the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, in Asia.

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Catching Up On Midem 2013

Music Weekly discusses with Midem director, Bruno Crolot, about this year’s edition (January 26-29): highlights, Asian fever, future and evolution of the conference.

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Indian Streaming Service Start-Ups: Dhingana, Saavn, Gaana

When we looked into China’s online streaming services last week, we also checked how things are going – music streaming-wise – over Bollywood land. We’ve got the 411 on India’s available online streaming services here.

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2013: China’s Year of The Streaming

It seems that 2013 may be China’s year for paid streaming subscriptions as several of their services get revamped. Read more about, and

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Deezer announces a Special discovery offer for Singapore audiences

Today marks the launch of an ad-supported music streaming service in Singapore and of Deezer4Artists (D4A), a unique new platform that will redefine the relationship between artists and music fans worldwide.

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Audiogalaxy teams up with Dropbox

Audiogalaxy used to be a peer-to-peer file-sharing music service that allowed users to browse indexed content from the peer’s hard disks. The community grew quickly until the RIAA put its finger on the copyrights infringements implied by the content shared, in 2002. A few months later, Audiogalaxy re-launched as a for-pay streaming service, and earlier this year, as a personalised […]

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Pandora Sets Foot on AU and NZ

One of America’s well-known Internet radios, Pandora, is finally available in Australia and New Zealand. The music recommendation service, which has been limited to US territories since 2007, now marks its first international expansion by frolicking back to Pacific shores. Over the past five years, Pandora complied with the requirements offered by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a copyright […]

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Music Plug: Open Market for Background Music

South Korea’s SoundUX, which specializes in sound consulting, launched Music Plug, an open market for professional background music.

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Bandcamp Gets Social

UPDATE (01/17/13): Bandcamp has now launched its fan pages. To be a part of it, users must purchase.   Fans of Bandcamp would be thrilled to know that the online music store-slash-artist platform now issued out Fan Accounts for some of their users. Still in beta, a Fan Account features a customizable page for its users to display their Bandcamp […]

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Deezer’s App Studio and new partnerships to drive music discovery

Deezer announced the next stage of ‘Open Deezer’ – the easiest and broadest music API open to developers – as well as new strategic partnerships and a series of innovative technological updates.

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