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A winning combo for quality live videos: is accelerating the current music industry shift towards its core – the artists. Interview with Company Director Dr Nicholas Hansen.

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Got questions? Vyou to Answer.

Overrule Twitter’s 140 character limit with VYou.

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Collaborations Made Possible with Social Music App, Nana

With 4400 users signed up to the service, one couldn’t be fazed with the problem of finding someone to do their duets and harmonies with!

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Google Gets Blocked in China

No Youtube, now no Google too? Seems like that’s how things rolled in China last Friday: Google services have become inaccessible. Read more here.

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Soundcloud Gets a Revamp

The folks at Soundcloud are upping their game with the Next Soundcloud. Have a peek on what’s new!

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3 steps for a full live experience & digital memory

Thank God we’re in the digital era; we don’t need to only rely on our brain and/or pen and paper while organizing ourselves before, during and after a gig. Here are 3 new apps for that!

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NewsLoop – Now on the iPhone!

With the iPhone version of NewsLoop by SingTel, the best selection of content from over 230 top local and international media sources in 26 categories of stories is in the palm of your hand.

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Search – Discover – Meet: Bandwagon

Presenting Singapore’s first live music gig finder: Bandwagon, and its new look.

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Hello. Welcome. This is Myspace.

New investors, new look, discover the new Myspace (to be launched soon).

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The New MTV: Online Music Televisions

The next best thing after old-days MTV: online music televisions.

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160 countries live, New user experience: Welcome to Deezer’s world

Deezer, the streaming service newly-launched in Southeast Asia, has just announced a US$130M funding yesterday. Read what their plans for the region are!

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Like Paint by Numbers: DIY Poster Designs for Musicians

Not everyone is gifted with Pablo Picasso-ish, Andy Warhol-esque, or even Raphael-like hands. Since music and art seem to go hand in hand, it’s only normal for some musicians to feel the pressure to design a wicked poster for their upcoming Friday night gig. We’re going to lift that pressure off of your musically gifted shoulders and let you give […]

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Twitter is an iTunes Affiliate

If you like to tweet about that song or album you currently have on repeat, you might be thrilled to know that you can earn from that mere habit. As revealed by, Twitter is a ceritified iTunes affiliate. Once you tweet with an iTunes link, a ‘view album’ option can now be seen near the retweet and favorite buttons.  Your followers can easily stream […]

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Video-sharing website YouTube has been blocked in China since 2009, for reasons still undisclosed. As an avid fan of music and/or videos, it is a wonder how our friends in China gain access to the slew of indie artists uploading their content on the third most visited website in the world (SocialTimes). MusicDishTV comes to the rescue with its recently launched music video blog on […]

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Name that Song: Shazam + SoundHound ends the Charade

If you’re one of those people who still spend an amount of time listening to radio, then you must have at least  experienced hearing a song and instantly loving it – but to your dismay, unable to catch who was singing it and what it’s called. Most people resort to remembering lines from the song and typing them up on Google, […]

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Apple Launches New EarPods

It was a big week at the Apple headquarters as they’ve just released the new iPhone 5, drawing lines of fans and techies eager to get their hands on it. Also released on the same day was their new Apple EarPods ($29), a definite improvement from the Apple Earbuds.  Designed by Apple, the EarPods are “defined by the geometry of […]

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Create accurate relationships with The Appreciation Engine

“Pinpoint affinity and focus on the fans that matter” – The Appreciation Engine helps companies and musicians to gather the right information about their core fans. Read our discussion with Annabel Youens, Chief Marketing Officer.

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Music Mates: Serendip +

The Internet has become a place for everyone to meet new people — it is where geography is no longer a problem to meet and connect with individuals you never would have met in person. People connect because of similarities: chat rooms were generated for specific fandoms, forums on certain issues. For people who live and breathe music, it’s only […]

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Walk the Talk: Brag and Share with these Apps

Getting the word out about one’s music or band is not a very easy task. Even worse is trying to get the music heard and unto a wider audience — yes, one that expands moms, dads, siblings, relatives and best friends.  We know these struggles, so in return, we’re always on the lookout for any new services and apps that could […]

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Time for an update: Limited Run + Bandcamp

New features for these two digital services.

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