Digital & Mobile — November 6, 2013 at 10:35 pm

Raisa Posts YouTube Video And Reveals Album Title


Indonesia: Raisa, currently No. 4 in our Top 30 Indonesia download chart with her single ‘Mantan Terindah’, has posted a new video on her Youtube channel. In an intimate and relaxed interview she discusses her forthcoming second album and the inspiration behind the songs. She also revealed via a Twitter post (@raisa6690) that the album title will be “Heart2Heart”.


Wearing a casual light grey top and jeans, Raisa talked honestly and openly about the reason for the album title and revealed who she was thinking about when she wrote the song, ‘Bye Bye’.


However, what will really excite fans in the video, that Raisa called “First sneak peek”, is the two short clips towards the end of the film. In one, Raisa is wearing a revealing sheer white dress with her hair tied back and sitting at a piano in front of a string orchestra. 


In the second clip fans see Raisa in a dressing room and appears to be singing to herself, rehearsing before she goes on stage. In the next shot she is seen dancing on stage with a partner. Raisa’s 1.4m Twitter fans are already speculating on the video and the story behind it.