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Help People. Save Music. Be Rewarded.


Would you believe it if we told you that sharing your favourite musical discoveries with all your friends could actually be a financially rewarding venture for yourself? This seemingly far-fetched concept is now made possible by up-and-coming platform Tell My Friends, which aims to reward you for spreading the word and telling the world what you are tuning in to. It doesn’t stop there, as Tell My Friends rewards you on a multi-level scale, which means if someone buys a track that you had previously shared earlier to another friend, you will get rewarded too! Still not convinced? Watch the quirky animated clip below to get to know the central process behind Tell My Friends, and then read on to Music Services Asia’s interview with Tell My Friends’ CEO and Founder Ben Looi to find out even more.



Music Services Asia: What is Tell My Friends about in a nutshell?

Tell My Friends: Tell My Friends (TMF) is the revolutionary way for everyone to share music, e-books, videos and apps. TMF gives a value proposition to encourage consumers to download legal copies instead of pirated copies: they will be able to earn back a percentage of the money they paid for a song with the potential of more if they share it on their social network via Tell My Friends. and their friends download a legal copy too. 

In what ways do artists, musicians and creators benefit from Tell My Friends?

Tell My Friends helps artists, musicians and creators reinforce legitimate consumer behavior and together with current measures, thus helping to protect and monetize their creations.

The music industry has suffered heavy losses due to rampant online piracy and forcing musicians out of their passion. TMF encourages help consumers to download legally buy digital music, books, movies and more, and encourage their friends to do the same, in a virtuous copies instead of pirated copies as they will be able to earn back the money they paid for a song with the potential of more if they share after purchasing a copy and their friends download a legal copy from their social network links via Tell My Friends. In turn, tThis will in turn channel the royalties to the rightful owners.

TMF believes that the creators of the work should be given their due credit – – especially financially as they are the ones who put in the most effort into the work –hence : nothing less than 50% of the retail price should go back to the content owner/creator. The artists, musicians and creators will dictate the amount of royalties they want to collect,  and this in turn, will determine the selling price on TMF platform. 

We’ve designed TMF is as a marketing tool and a Point of Sale system for content creators. 

Does Tell My Friends focus only on Singapore-based content? Are there any plans of expansion?

Jessica Irawan, Chen Huisi, Sherman Ko, Matthew Quek, Nat Ho are some of the local artistes who are distributed on TMF. Currently, we have been receiving enquiries from indie artistes from other parts of the world including the US, Europe and other parts of Asian countries. We are also in talks with internationally established artistes who have heard about TMF and are keen to market their songs content using our system. 

How successful do you think platforms such as Tell My Friends will be in combating issues of piracy within the music industry?

We aim to counter piracy NOT by technology or enforcement, but by positive reinforcement of the right behavior. 

 “Why pay for something when you can get it for free?” Well, the answer to that is because you will be rewarded. Consumers can earn back even more than what they paid for a song, simply by doing what they have always been doing – sharing songs with friends.

With Tell My Friends, we have created a system that gives consumers a choice – a value proposition over free.

Any last words for music lovers who are interested in using Tell My Friends?

Getting rewarded is better than getting for free!


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