Digital, Digital & Mobile — November 9, 2012 at 4:29 pm

Soundcloud Gets a Revamp


UPDATE: The Next SoundCloud is now on Public with a mobile version available.


The folks at Soundcloud are upping their game with the Next Soundcloud. 

Still in beta, SoundCloud refurbishes their interface by using:

1. A waveform player – yes, one that gets rid of the ridiculous amount of comments whilst streaming a track;

2. A new feature: Repost – Tracks can now be re-posted to users/fans’ profile pages to get the word out to their own followers/friends on how wickedly cool the song is;

3.  Real-time notifications to let you know what your online friends are up to;

4. And this one I like most: Continuous play – so you could go ahead and search for other user profiles and tracks without losing the one you’re currently enjoying  listening to.

The Soundcloud team have also updated user profiles for a cleaner, more attractive look. It’s something I have to get used to quite personally, but I’m loving the new features. You can be on the list to experience the Next Soundcloud by signing up here