Apps, Digital & Mobile, Music Business — October 19, 2011 at 2:22 pm

Spotify and Beatport join hands in global distribution agreement


Whoever thought of the fabled slogan “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” must be cashed up to the teeth these days, with many of the world’s top online streaming portals joining forces as a rapid pace.

Yesterday’s revelation that established electronica/beatmaking portal Beatport was to join hands with the incredibly popular streaming site Spotify marked a huge step in the distribution method of each organization. While Spotify has previously buddied up with iTunes and Rdio in the name of properly representing their associated artists and labels, it is this partnership with Beatport that will see a flock of new and untapped musicians delivered to them on a silver platter. In a similar vein, Beatport will finally begin to collect revenue from their services, which (while it could be accredited to riding Spotify’s coattails, just a little…) will result in the financial turnaround of one of the world’s most popular online DJ and beatmaking outlets.

It seems that, in place of good old rivalry and competition, many companies have decided that joining forces to attract the attention (and revenue) of a common target audience is probably their best bet. And, why not? It is becoming increasingly more difficult to make a scene in the intensifying global arena, and if building partnerships within a common field is the best way to provide a product to consumers, then so be it! Music Services Asia is the last to complain when it comes to new developments in the world of digital music distribution, and if this partnership is anything to go by (i.e. combining the extensive back-catalogue and chart system of Beatport’s electro library, with the insane usership and intimidating back-catalogue of Spotify), this is only the beginning  – and, while both parties are still remaining hush-hush about the details, it goes unspoken that the best is yet to come.


By Stephanie Winkler