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The Infinite Beatboxers: Interview with Incredibox


You might have crossed the path of Incredibox’s gangster-looking virtual beatboxers in the Internet nooks and get them help you create your soul music composition. Or, you might get addicted soon after reading our interview with Flora Commaret! She’s the CEO and co-founder of SO FAR SO GOOD, the design agency behind this digital, game-like music project, and talked to Music Weekly about the team, the creation of Incredibox, and upcoming news.


Incredibox is a human beatbox game that allows users to browse sounds and create an infinite melody. How did the idea come up in 2009, and how did SO FAR SO GOOD build it?

Incredibox was borne out of 3 friends’ collaboration (Allan Durand: web designer, Romain Delambily: illustrator/graphic designer, Paul Malburet: musician/sound designer). They created the project “just for fun” during their free time and nights, teaming up their talents.
The Incredibox project was launched in August 2009, and was at first shared to the creators’ 300 Facebook friends. But it rapidly went beyond this circle. We saw around 1,000 visits per day on our website, but 15 days after its launch, the project won a FWA (Favourite Website Award) and the traffic increased immediately to 15,000 visits per day during a month. Incredibox’s traffic remained at 10,000 visits per day with some peaks to 50,000 per day several times in the year 2010. I was a freelance graphic designer at that time, and this unexpected success made me join the Incredibox team. Allan, Romain, Paul and I created a new company called SO FAR SO GOOD, to which the authors signed over the creation’s rights. SO FAR SO GOOD manages Incredibox and other corporate projects (visual communication – print, online and sound).

Incredibox characters 

How did the website become so popular over the years? Would you say that it’s a universal project that would still be contemporary in maybe 10 years time?

Our studio has released the second version of Incredibox in March 2012, which enjoyed great success: we encountered a connection peak of 750,000 visits within 12 hours on April 14th, 2012. Our server didn’t survive, as it wasn’t supposed to handle such traffic. 4 days later, the website was back on track, hosted by another provider, and received an average 60,000 visits per day during 2012, with some days reaching 200,000 visits.

We think that this website is universal, as music is universal. What our fans probably like about it is its game-like interactivity, its refined design, and simplicity. But what makes Incredibox’s popularity is that no matter which sound is picked, the music composition will always sound great. The user feels like she is an actual music composer, whereas it’s 100% controlled by us.

It’s our role to keep on improving and innovating with Incredibox in order to remain well-liked by the audience. Our version 3 entitled “Sunrise” will be out in April/May, and we hope it will meet our audiences’ expectations. The new version will first be presented in exclusivity to the International Design Biennale in Saint-Etienne, France. 


How did the audience adopt the social part “Record, Share and Download your own Incredibox composition”? Can someone use her composition as a personal creation, and what is the copyright format?


The “Record, Share” feature works very well with the users: 4 compositions out of 5 is recorded and shared. On the other hand, the “Download” feature is taking off more slowly as we’ve launched it 10 months after the second version of Incredibox. Music, fashion, etc. – everything shifts so fast! But we’ve set this feature essentially for the upcoming “Sunrise,” which will make people really want to get their own mp3 created on Incredibox v3.
Our terms and conditions are simple: Incredibox can be utilized for any personal/private and non-commercial usage. All the website’s aspects are protected by copyright: sounds, characters’ costumes, code, graphic design, etc. Each Internet user will create her proper composition, but all the sounds come from one original work, solely owned by Incredibox.


Aside from Incredibox, does So Far So Good have more projects implying music in its process?

SO FAR SO GOOD doesn’t have other musical projects apart from Incredibox, at least of the same scope.
Talking about music, we have created the theme of a telephone switchboard for a cultural institution (Cité du Design, Saint-Étienne), and a bunch of background music for websites.
Bear in mind that we need between 12 and 14 months to create a new version of Incredibox. Aside from this project management, we have corporate projects that allow us to make a living – because Incredibox is not profitable today.
We planned on launching an iPhone version in January 2013, but unfortunately, because of unexpected technical issues, the status is to be announced. But Incredibox v3 is happening, and we really hope that it will delight the users as much as the current version, or even more!

So Far So Good team


Start composing your own Incredibox infinite track here!