Digital & Mobile — April 10, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Turning Tables Launches Cambodia Youth Music Workshop Campaign


Turning Tables

Music can mean many things to many different people. It can be a form of therapy or expression. It can serve as a form of entertainment or a leisurely hobby. But for a minority of youths living in third world countries it is a lifesaving endeavour and we have NGO Turning Tables to thank for giving unprivileged kids the gift of music. The Danish non-for-profit organisation has set up shop around the Middle East and Cambodia and has recently launched a campaign through Indigogo to raise funds to expand their Cambodian operations.

Music is a fundamental part of youth development. Music inspires. Music is a vehicle for communication and self-expression that transcends boundaries. Regardless of gender or social, political or economical marginalization everybody should have the opportunity to be part of a global music culture.

We help vulnerable young people express their grievances, hopes and dreams; we build a creative environment for learning new skills and sharing experiences, and an opportunity to pursue a better tomorrow.

Turning Tables gives young kids and rehabilitated child prostitutes in Cambodia an opportunity to find their inner potential, using music and creation as their motivator. Run by a group of musicians, activists and volunteers from all over the globe, the team of philanthropists bring inspiration and light back into the lives of victims of a broken childhood, proving that music is a “powerful vehicle encouraging vulnerable children to engage with the community and to foster a hope for a brighter future” and “empowers young people to be creative, confident, and enthusiastic about their own talents and lives.”

Turning Tables began setting DJ schools in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, Beirut and Al Bared. They have since evolved and expanded their operations to camps in Jordan and now Phnom Penh in Cambodia. With the support of the community, a donation will help establish a base in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, launch an Outreach Campaign and a mobile music workshop to further extend their reach to other areas in the local region.

Help the community out by donating today, volunteering or simply spreading the word. If you need more reason to help out the great cause, do it for Turning Tables, as an ode to their name; a clever pun.


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