Apps, Digital & Mobile — April 2, 2012 at 2:43 pm Discover your psycho-social affinities with others

by, an Application Programming Interface (API), is an exciting app that helps you explore the minds of people like you. An API is an interface implemented by an application allowing other applications to communicate with it. helps get to know people who share similarities with you. How exactly does this work? By analyzing psycho-social key features (life-stage, demographics, rare interests, relative conscientiousness, agreeability and other personality traits) to compare you to people.

Take the test and you’ll discover your “Team” and “Style”, and will be able to check your Roomies, Shopping, Work, Travel, Friends compatibilities with others (only those having used the app). But it’s not only about you vs. the others. is also a tool to gather offline communities, test affinities in a work team, provide recommendation to users, etc.

Jack Holt, CEO of answers our questions about the possible applications of the API, especially in the music industry.

What is Would you describe it as a marketing tool? scores relevance between people or between ideas and people in different scenarios. Eg, you may be very compatible working with your business partner but she may travel or listen to music very differently from you. We do this by creating a “psycho-social profile” using the information a person creates online. Along with learning about one’s demographics and interests, we developed algorithms to divine your personality based on the words you write.

Could you give us some precise examples of the concrete application of, “a portable psycho-social identity for consumers, enabling a faster, more personalized experience”?

Our developer community is just getting started using the API for their applications. Examples so far include an infographic resume ( which includes a personality profile and many people in the digital media industry. They will be able to develop a personality for an idea or story, then recommend it to the readers most likely to enjoy and share it.

Do you think there could be a special application within the music industry? To get to know the tastes of the consumers, or the trends in a country for example? Or to gather offline communities?

Definitely. We have some R&D going on with regards to a music scenario, or context, to include with our others (working, living, friends, shopping, travel). There are quite a few recommendation apps for music, though, so we’re still just sniffing around it. As to on or offline communities, we could match you to people who share the way you explore new music. For example, if you’re very open to new kinds of music, we’d put you in a community of people who are very open-minded – when it comes to music. Others who are very rigid in their music tastes could hang out together. In this way, you wouldn’t have someone who ONLY listened to Country music rating a Jazz Fusion band to a person who might be open to such a sound.


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