Music Business — February 7, 2013 at 6:50 pm

Big news today for the music industry.


To begin with, the Australian Recording Industry Association has reported a 4% increase of the recorded music sales (value) for 2012 in the country. It is the first time since the drastic drop between 2009 and 2010 (-14%) that the trend shows a notable positive evolution. The digital sales took a tally of 46,3% of the global music sales (vs. 27,2% in 2010 and 36,7% in 2011). The launches of streaming services Deezer (April 25) and Spotify (May 21) are accountable for this progression thanks to the royalties generated, along with the traditional digital sales. Australia, with its interesting burgeoning music scene, and its high-spirited live events, is turning into a model for the industry.

The second breaking news is the iTunes historical number published today: since its launch in April 2005, the digital music store has sold 25 billion tracks. An average of 15,000 tracks is downloaded worldwide every minute. If I’m not mistaken, that makes a little nest egg of 24,3 million dollars per 24 hours. Apple is about to become the key-access to digital content, especially in the countries where iTunes is the only legal platform to download music – like in Southeast Asia where the service landed end of June 2012.

The question that can be raised is to which extend the consumers will continue to download and store more and more tracks in their computers or in lockers in the Cloud, or embrace the unlimited streaming habit – which is still very new in Southeast Asian customs.