Music Business — March 26, 2013 at 2:28 pm

Calling for Demos: The Wknd Recording Fund


Wish to record without spending too much? How about not spending anything at all? 

The Wknd is opening its doors to Malaysian independent artists for The Wknd Recording Fund, established to assist Malaysian independent artists to record, produce, release and market the recorded material in physical and digital formats. Recognizing the fact that creating professional-grade material can involve a significant amount of money – something that not many independent artistes can afford to do – The Wknd is stepping in as an enabler, with the ultimate goal of helping to improve the quality of locally-produced music.

“We’re doing this in-line with our original idea of helping the local music scene to grow,” says Fikri Fadzil, founder of The Wknd. “But we can only do so much – artists and bands also need to do their bit to promote their own music. We’re not labels in a traditional sense, and we really advocate working together to push music out to the public.”

Demos are open for submission until 5 April 2013 (updated). One artist will be selected to record a single, with studio and engineering costs shouldered by The Wknd. The material will then be recorded, produced and pressed, with distribution through The Wknd Store as well as various on-ground events that The Wknd participates in. With a targeted release date of late April 2013 for the first funded artist, The Wknd hopes that its contribution will help to revitalize the music scene in Malaysia. Full details are here.