Music Business — October 22, 2012 at 11:00 am

A Music Revolution is starting with Music Kickup


The need to stay independent and in complete creative control is still of central importance to many bands and artists. Instead of having to juggle with multiple music business contacts, Finnish-born ‘cloud-based record label’ Musick Kickup provides a one-stop solution for bands and artists to establish a strong presence via global digital and physical distribution, management, marketing and other helpful tools to connect with others within the music industry. Music Services Asia talks to Perttu Sutinen, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Music Kickup to find out more about their recipe to kickstart independent bands and artists from obscurity to success!

Music Weekly: How was Music Kickup founded and what are your main goals?

Perttu Sutinen: Music Kickup was founded from the real needs of artists – to help them stay independent and in charge of their own art. There are many great D2F-services (Direct to Fan) out there but no B2B services (Business to Business) – this is where our platform steps in.

The main goal of Music Kickup is to give real business tools for artists to:

  • Build tools to create and collaborate with musicians, the industry
  • Manage business intelligence, contacts, development and management
  • Create an entity of Music Kickup to be used by our artists for legal and commercial contracts and connections 
  • Release albums with global digital and physical distribution
  • Support for their albums in innovative and modern ways. With groundbreaking marketing and analytic tools, along with the ability to connect to a global database of other musicians helping to build gigs, tours and and get global and local support for all needs
  • Essentially to keep the artists independence and growth opportunities, allowing them more time to focus on their art


Music Kickup calls itself a “cloud-based record label” – what does this refer to in terms of services that Music Kickup provides for artists?

Music Kickup is built on a unique smart layer – always looking for the best outcome, for whatever need the artist has. Whether it is to contact people, push a message to Facebook, or book a studio, the cloud works 24/7 making it happen. The artist just gives outlines, and the service takes care of the rest. It’s powered by people and bots – that automate most of the tools and can provide help for all its user. Basically creating a situation where getting a record deal and supporting your act is as simple as opening a blog.


What are the benefits for independent bands and artists in signing up with Music Kickup as opposed to a regular label?

  • Commercial & Legal Entity
  • 100 % rights for music and sales royalties
  • Unlimited amounts of releases 
  • Independent artists
  • Global professional contacts
  • Global collaboration

And most of all, Music Kickup gives more time to artist to concentrate for making music.


Music Kickup was in Singapore to attend Baybeats festival – what were your impressions of the regional music scene in Southeast Asia?

We were lucky enough to see most of the concerts and even spend some time with artists – thanks Rachael, Carlos and others. I was glad to see so many emerging artists with great visions and with great sense of emotion and style – with a very specific tone, unique to the region.


What do you think are the most important factors for musicians to succeed in the changing landscape of the music industry?

Hard work, good visions, professional contacts, good luck and of course pure love of music.


Wondering what the Music Kickup interface looks like? Here’s some captures of their platform below:

The Music Kickup homepage where you can manage your projects with the various tools provided.


Create your new musical projects, ranging from collaborations, releases, studio bookings, merchandise and so on.


Connect your musical project to other platforms such as Soundcloud, Facebook and start gathering analytics!