Music Business — December 10, 2012 at 5:27 pm

The Promo Bay: rethinking the music industry


The Pirate Bay is well-known and feared by the whole legal creative industries by facilitating the free and open exchange of files via the BitTorrent protocole. But at the beginning of the year, The Pirate Bay launched a new marketing tool for artists (musicians, writers, filmmakers, etc.): The Promo Bay. From a simple Doodle-style customization of the Pirate Bay logo, to the launch of a better organized and dedicated website for original videos and torrents sharing in November, the initiative received more than 10,000 artists sign ups in only a few months’ time.

The Promo Bay is a collaboration between The Pirate Bay and Australian web-developer and entrepreneur, Will Dayble, whose mission is to “break the music industry.” Everyone can submit a YouTube video, a website link, and if wanted, a magnet link to allow a free download via BitTorrent. Some of the entries are selected by the admin panel to feature the top page page – or even The Pirate Bay’s homepage. The global idea is to promote young independent artists, and to help them embrace new audiences, thanks to the portal’s traffic.

In a recent interview to The Music Network, Dayble states that The Promo Bay receives around 50,000 daily visits since the launch. Apart from bringing this mass exposure, the service will soon be able to give data back to the artists to help them track the downloads and clicks, allowing them to have a real insight on their public, but also on the success of the feature. Both sides are valuable for artists, who can build a pristine strategy, rather than just selling MP3s and updating a Facebook page. “The goal is to nurture the app until it’s a self-sustaining community of artists using torrents to distribute their art. We plan to extend into indie games, movies and other non-music stuff,” adds Dayble in the interview. MONSTER CAT, a band from Singapore, received international attention after being featured on The Pirate Bay’s frontpage between the 13th and 15th April: their website received 150,000 unique hits from 198 different countries, and the band doubled their Facebook fan count, over the 3-day period.

The Promo Bay was blocked for a few days earlier this month in the UK after the Internet Services Providers’ ban of The Pirate Bay. It was later unlocked after a wave of protest, as the initiative is legal, and hosted by separate servers than The Pirate Bay.

Board the ship and start sailing with The Promo Bay here and check the Facebook page for more details.