Music Business — April 12, 2013 at 5:20 pm

The Wknd Recording Fund Announces its Selected Artist



Malaysian independent artist The Venopian Solitude has been selected as the first-ever recipient of The Wknd Recording Fund. A blend of eclectic songwriting and unconventional, thoughtful lyrics gave the artist an edge over a field of 25 talented applicants. “Selecting the final artist was a very tough decision,” said Faiz Fadzil, Audio Director for The Wknd. “We received submissions from some very talented people who make really great music. Ultimately though, we can only pick one, and we’ve chosen the artist who we felt can bring something new and interesting.”

Up next will be the recording, production and subsequent release and marketing of a single for The Venopian Solitude. Work will start immediately, based on the artist’s existing material, and recording will commence as soon as pre-production is concluded. With a target release date of late April, the single will be made available online via The Wknd Store as well as other online channels, and through various media partnerships that The Wknd has established.

Congratulations, The Venopian Solitude!


The Wknd


The Venopian Solitude – Mother Nature Father Man-made