Music Business, News — August 9, 2016 at 7:58 pm

Valleyarm announce former ARIA chairman is to join board


Former chairman of ARIA Ed St John will be joining the board of directors for Australian owned music distribution company Valleyarm Digital.

john st john


With a lifelong passion for music, St John cut his teeth working his way up the industry from a junior role at Rolling Stone. Working as a music journalist through the heyday of Australian rock throughout the 70’s, St John developed a complex understanding of the general music landscape from the inside before transitioning to becoming a music executive. He brings a wealth of industry experience to the role, previously holding roles of Managing Director of BMG, CEO of Warner Music Australia and Chairman of ARIA.


The move comes at the same time as Valleyarm’s relaunch, with the company focusing efforts into digital talent management and working with social influencers along with it’s traditional business activities of channel creation and management for clients, music and video distribution. St John joins Valleyarm to guide its new focus on monetising global television, film and music content for digital rights owners all around the world.


“This is a very exciting time in the evolution of content,” said St John. “New platforms and revenue models are continuing to disrupt the traditional distribution and broadcast models – and that process is now accelerating.

“Valleyarm is well positioned to grow revenue opportunities for artists and content creators across multiple genres. I’m pleased to have the opportunity to help guide this evolution as a member of Valleyarm’s board.”