Playlists — September 25, 2013 at 4:49 pm

The Playlist Series – ANECHOIS


We saw post-progressive rock band ANECHOIS last May when they embarked on their A Shadow of a Sound tour in Manila. Fresh from winning JUICE Award 2012’s Best Band and playing at Baybeats Festival that same year, they pursued Filipinos’ hearts by playing a two-night show in Route 196 and Cafe SaGuijo. We had a grand time chatting with them about their experience, and kept a lookout for them for any updates. Since their Manila escapade, they’ve played a couple of gigs back at their hometown, Singapore. Recently, the band announced a change of lineup, letting us know that one of the band’s good friends, Ahmad Khaliq of silhouette, will be joining them to replace guitarist Justin Koh. It’s bittersweet, but we look forward to ANECHOIS’ next steps: we begin with this 15-track playlist they’ve prepared for us with the theme “Light to Dark“.


“We just decided to list out our current favorite songs and thought it would be fun to arrange them in an order where the beginning is soft and melodic but it gets more technical and heavier towards the end of the playlist.”

– Asyraft, ANECHOIS