Playlists — August 28, 2013 at 5:36 pm

The Playlist Series – Charlie Lim


This week in The Playlist Series is Charlie Lim. One of Singapore and Australia’s freshest sensation, he’s blending soul, funk, jazz and pop in his very own way. His astonishing vocals and the excellent musicians who join him on stage make him a delight to watch live. Overcoming our challenging query, he curated a groovy playlist entitled “WOMEN I WORSHIP” (Deezer and Whyd players below).


It’s an arduous task to have me handpick a bunch of tunes for a specific musical theme; I’m clueless about what style of music I love most especially with the myriad of sub-genres of popular music today. So I’ve decided to go with the over-arching clichéd umbrella of female artists who I love dearly, some of whom I’ve been lucky enough to know in person…

I feel that these songs are meticulously well-crafted both in arrangement and performance. I might be slightly biased as I grew up listening to many of these tunes, though some are more recent and are challenging to listen to in a good way. Stylistically they can be a little disparate, but at the same time I believe they share the same soul beyond the mechanics of production.

To me all these songs also seem to have this perfect, feminine balance of strength and vulnerability, sadness and light…it’s a reminder to me that all divine creativity is born of or because of woman. If I ever had a daughter one day, this would be the playlist I’d put on her first iPod.

To play in order.

Charlie Lim