Playlists — October 4, 2013 at 5:45 pm

The Playlist Series – Urbanscapes 2013


October has begun and it’s truly time to anticipate Malaysia’s creative festival, Urbanscapes and its Satellite shows. What’s more irritating than discovering and falling in love with a band after missing it live by ignorance? It probably happened to all of us, not-so-prepared festival-goers: we’re coming to enjoy a summer camp revival with our backpacks full of plastic ponchos, boots, sunscreen, earplugs, mat and more, but what about the acts themselves?

Urbanscapes is bringing in more than 20 bands between November 23 and 24 in the bucolic countryside of MAEPS, Selangor – or at least it’s what these photos are strongly suggesting (yes, this is Malaysia, not England under an autumnal fog). Very rock-driven and featuring regional and international bands, the festival’s line-up once again gives the lion’s share to local acts. 

This playlist is for you to revise and be ready for the big day! Some of our heart-stoppers are in there, and we’re now melting for many more. Until then…