Playlists — October 23, 2013 at 4:45 pm

The Playlist Series – Vandetta


We talked about Singaporean multi-facet musician Vanessa Fernandez aka Vandetta last week upon the release of her captivating self-titled EP. At the beginning of the month, we’ve asked her to curate a playlist related to the making of her album. Vandetta is sharing more about her creation process and what kind of music and people were surrounding her throughout that period.


These are some of the songs I was listening to around the time I was making the Vandetta EP. After Octover, I felt that I needed to really step things up and push myself. Björk’s Medulla and Bobby McFerrin’s The Voice inspired my concept of producing an EP using just my voice. I rediscovered electronic music in a big way through the Syndicate crew. I almost feel spoiled because we went to the Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival in Sète where I experienced this gamut of world/jazz/electronic music that was just an incredible education of sorts. I generally like music with hip hop influences and great bass; things that are soulful and sensual.

Music has two purposes for me as form of catharsis and a medium for a message. I arrive at the second by first allowing myself to experience the first, and I tried to represent that journey somehow in this playlist. My journey began with a vague idea. I let myself get lost in the heavy and deep. Then I tried to find myself again in more soulful roots. This is a kind of soundtrack to my process.

– Vanessa Fernandez, Vandetta