Playlists — October 16, 2013 at 5:30 pm

The Playlist Series – They Will Kill Us All


Maybe you’ve noticed it before, but we (I) have quite a crush on Malaysia’s mind-blowing rock band They Will Kill Us All (TWKUA). The five lads have this little something that distinguishes their music from the usual repetitive rock that seems to be produced en masse these days. Maybe the underlying melancholy of their songs, their great stage presence and the fact that they are good people are what makes the mix successful! Their recently released album They Will Kill Us All, nicknamed Vulture, gathers all the crowd’s favourites – “Under The Red Sky”, “The Great Glass City” – as well as their more recent tracks. Herwandi Saat, keyboardist of the band, created a playlist for The Playlist Series: it’s entitled “Hear the Daily Vitamins” and should give you an energy shot!


Everyday, we hear new songs that represent us as individuals and dig out old classics to remember the time when we first had a moment in life. When a person starts to love a melody, it becomes like a natural substance that goes into your mind, putting you at ease or psyching you up for good – just like taking vitamins daily. You hear it in your car, in your room or anywhere you can imagine to turn your presence to another atmosphere, seeing every inch of you moving to the groove.
The songs I put in my playlist are pretty much what I hear most of the time or even back when I was just starting to hold an instrument. These are the songs that made me play on stage and have influenced me until today and perhaps for the future as well.
Listen to all of the songs, maybe you can feel the same way as I did!

– Herwandi Saat, TWKUA