Playlists — August 21, 2013 at 11:55 am

The Playlist Series – L’Alphalpha


This week in The Playlist Series is Indonesian post-rock-shoegaze band L’Alphalpha. Frontman and guitarist Herald Reynaldo curated a “Playlist For Night Driving” that will please all indie music fans and probably bring back some good memories.


As a non-full time musician, it requires me to work on other spheres of work. Me, myself, I’m a freelance videographer, video editor, photographer, and sometimes a designer and illustrator.  My working hours are erratic, and I always travel by car. I go home late at night every day just to avoid traffic in Jakarta.

Listening to music while I’m driving became something mandatory for me. I need those songs to pump up my energy, beat away the fatigue, especially when I’m driving by myself. Listening to music, driving on the quiet roads while enjoying the city lights, it’s Beautiful yet Artificial.

– Herald Reynaldo, L’Alphalpha