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An Interview with ZOO, Creators of the New and Undefined

Indonesia’s ZOO defy the borders and natural overlapping of genres, not your average experimental rock band.

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Let’s get the House rockin’, Honey!

With a long standing tradition in revealing outstanding classic rock acts such as AC/DC and Cold Chiesel, Australia is a melting pot of talented bands looking for a spot under the sun. With a long standing tradition in forming talented musicians through its trial-by-fire, survival of the fittest live music scene, Melbourne is a boiling rock cauldron filled with the best musical ingredients. […]

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Fozzy – Sin And Bones

Artist Name: FozzyTitle Name: Sins and BonesLabel: Century MediaReviewed by: Fabio Marraccini Fozzy are a band that hail from Atlanta, United States of America, and which initially couldn’t be taken much seriously – not that they wanted to be taken seriously. First of all, their name, initially Fozzy Osbourne, clearly both word-played and paid tribute to the undisputable prince of darkness, Mr. Ozzy, the great. […]

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The Darkness – Hot Cakes

Artist Name: The Darkness Title Name: Hot Cakes Label: Liberator Music / Distribution: Love Da Records Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini The Darkness is a band with a bunch of pretty unbelievable facts surrounding their history. First of all, the way their music sounds has a lot in common with the ‘80s American hard rock, or like some call it – […]

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