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Diving into Dreams with Ray D’Sky

With its endless sunshine, white sandy beaches and laid-back vibes, Indonesia’s Gili Trawangan provided the perfect setting for ‘Islands of Dreams’, the launch party of Ray D’Sky’s latest album ‘Dreaming Dreams’.

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Travel to the Moon with Stars and Rabbit

Read Music Weekly’s post-performance interview with Jogjakarta’s charming indie-folk duo Stars and Rabbit after their set at Rip Curl Surf and Music Festival in Kuta, Bali.

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Taking Flight: Snowbird Productions

Singapore has been abuzz with a marked surge in music-related events, from large-scale commercial concerts such as the F1 Rocks series to smaller boutique shows of lesser-known but still well-loved independent acts. This increased vibrancy can be attributed to the rising number of live music promoters on the island that collectively cater to a varied range of genres. One of […]

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A Music Revolution is starting with Music Kickup

Finnish-born ‘cloud-based record label’ Musick Kickup provides a one-stop solution for bands and artists to establish a strong presence via a complete music toolbox. Read Music Weekly’s interview with Perttu Sutinen, COO and Co-Founder.

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Songkick Detour brings live acts to Singapore and Jakarta, with you

Shaking up the traditional approach of event organization, Songkick, the go-to concert listings site, proposes the Songkick Detour project to music lovers in Singapore and Jakarta. Read our chat with Daniel Rogers, Head of Marketing.

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Getting Down with Deezer

The wait is over! Web-based music streaming site Deezer recently announced its launch in South-East Asia to the delight of music lovers all over the region. Very soon, the lucky folks in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia will be able to access millions of tracks on Deezer’s incredibly easy-to-use website.

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Cashew Chemists: Set to Charm

An interview with Cashew Chemists on their crowdfunding campaign to fund their upcoming debut EP.

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Wormrot: Just Dive In

Music Services Asia grabs the chance to chat with Wormrot guitarist Rasyid about their tour mishaps, thoughts on music as a career and more!

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Revisiting The Trees & The Wild

The Trees & The Wild are renowned throughout South-East Asia for their innovative musical blend of post-rock, experimental and folk stylings, underpinned with a distinctly Indonesian identity. To the delight of their fans, the band will be bringing their intense, trance-inducing live performances across oceans to the international stage in September.

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Tune In to Aweh TV and Qub TV

The Internet is an obvious choice as a platform for showcasing Asian talent on the international stage, while video has proven to be one of the most captivating ways to present music. Web TV melds the two together.

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Interview with The Jezabels

Music Services Asia was thrilled to chat with The Jezabels ahead of their full-house gig in Singapore, which kickstarted their whirlwind Asian tour. Read our interview with Hayley Mary (vocalist), Heather Shannon (keyboards), Sam Lockwood (guitars) and Nik Kaloper (drums) to find out more about The Jezabels’ dynamic song-writing process, dream collaborations and their aim to be the “forefathers of […]

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Music, Radio, Freedom at Sonar Radio’s Eklektikon

Eklektikon is one of Sonar Radio‘s freshest radio programmes, which started in October 2011. The FM offer is quite limited to commercial stations in Singapore, and Internet gives a larger playground for music discovery. We had a chat with Kostas Repanas and John Common to know more about the Singaporean radio landscape and their music emission, Eklektikon, broadcasted every Saturday, […]

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Presenting the world of Twitmusic

The influx of new music sites that incorporate social media could be attributed to the fact that users have the urge to show off the music they’re listening to. Musicians have also been taking advantage of the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to share new music and keep their fans updated. Philippines-based Twitmusic is the latest […]

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The challenges of a Burmese band: Side Effect

The media has always portrayed Myanmar as an isolated country rife with political turmoil. One would least expect to hear of an indie rock band emerging from this country but that is what Side Effect is – a three piece indie rock band from Myanmar who tells us about the side effects they have experienced due to their unique situation. […]

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Chatting up with the top cats: MONSTER CAT

Things are happening for 4-piece alternative folk rock band MONSTER CAT (Singapore). To start their year, the band shared the stage with Bombay Bicycle Club and The Naked and The Famous at The People’s Party. They’ve released their five-piece track, Mannequins, last year and now teamed up with Director Kristen Ong for their first official music video for “Underwater.” We […]

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Koolastuffa presents L’Alphalpha merchandising

Fashion and music go together like cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs – one seems so much better with the other. So Koolastuffa, a young brand spearheaded by talented Indonesians Dedy and Widya Kurniawan,decided to team up with indie pop/rock band L’Alphalpha to create a magical bunch of pieces, inspired by the group’s songs. Clothes were […]

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by / on April 2, 2012 at 2:43 pm / in Apps, Digital & Mobile Discover your psycho-social affinities with others, an Application Programming Interface (API), is an exciting app that helps you explore the minds of people like you. An API is an interface implemented by an application allowing other applications to communicate with it. helps get to know people who share similarities with you. How exactly does this work? By analyzing psycho-social key features (life-stage, demographics, rare […]

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The Analog Girl Talks of Collaboration for T(h)ree Vol.2

Dubbed as one of the “5 Music Acts to Watch” in 2008 by TIME Magazine, The Analog Girl aka Mei Wong, an electronic-industrial musician from Singapore, is continually catching the ears and the eyes of people from all the over world. Tying one more achievement under her belt, Mei is now collaborating with artists from Portugal for the T(h)ree music […]

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Future Music Festival: Zoom on They Will Kill Us All (MY)

What kept you busy these past months? I heard you’ve been recording an album, is it already finished? Well right now our working life is keeping us busy! We still jam from time to time, but what the band as a whole are trying to now is finishing the mixes for the 9 song album out soon. Its a slow […]

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Interview: Noughts and Exes (HK)

 A video interview for SEA Absolute Indie compilation, released on worldwide digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Ganxy. Check out Noughts and Exes’ website and YouTube channel!        

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