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Interview: The big questions with Kyoto Protocol

    There are few consistencies in the music world, but Kyoto Protocol have proven to be one of the unchanging staples of Kuala Lumpur’s local indie rock scene, at the coalface for the past seven years.

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Slash Set For Exclusive Malaysia Performance In 2015

One of the most enduring legends in rock music and the former lead guitarist for iconic hard rock band Guns n’ Roses, Slash, is set to play an exclusive show in Malaysia early next year. The show is scheduled at Surf Beach in Sunway Lagoon in Pataling Jaya on February 14.   The top hat adorned guitar virtuoso is returning […]

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Rossa Duets With Malaysian Star Hafiz

Jakarta: Indonesian diva star, Rossa has announced she has recorded a duet with Malaysian star, Hafiz.

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The Venopian Solitude Talks Urbanscapes, Procrastination And Stamina

Featuring Urbanscapes Festival’s line-up this year, The Venopian Solitude answered our short set of questions. You can’t expect what is following but it is more than worth a read, and this is a promise.

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The Playlist Series – They Will Kill Us All

“Hear the Daily Vitamins” is Malaysian rock band TWKUA’s playlist for this week, and it should give you a benefic energy shot!

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The Playlist Series – Urbanscapes 2013

October has begun and it’s truly time to anticipate Malaysia’s creative festival, Urbanscapes. This playlist should get you ready for the big day!

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The Playlist Series – Pesawat

After a radiant performance at Good Vibes Festival in KL, lead singer Jipie has put together a very personal “Time Machine” playlist for the Playlist Series.

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Dru Chen Returns To Southeast Asia With More Pop-Soul-Funk Madness

Catch the soulful singer in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines from August 30.

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The Wknd Sessions Premieres its Seventh Season

Season 7 of the long-running internet music series, The Wknd Sessions, premiered today. Find out who’s lined-up this season.

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by / on April 17, 2013 at 5:00 pm / in Digital & Mobile

The Wknd Artists Now on Deezer

The Wknd is set to provide content for Deezer, a popular web-based music streaming service.

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by / on March 26, 2013 at 2:28 pm / in Music Business

Calling for Demos: The Wknd Recording Fund

The Wknd is opening its doors to Malaysian independent artists for The Wknd Recording Fund. Read for more details.

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Carl Hamm’s journey into Malay psychedelic rock

Read the spectacular and touching story of the making of ‘Pop Yeh Yeh: Psychedelic Rock from Singapore and Malaysia 1964–1970’ compilation.

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Urbanscapes Festival: 10 Reasons You Should Be There!

In honour of Urbanscapes Festival’s 10th anniversary, Music Services Asia uncovers 10 reasons why you should definitely pay a visit to the exciting festival in Selangor, Malaysia this coming November. Read them all here!

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Interview with The Wknd

Since its inception in 2008, online music magazine and multimedia platform The Wknd has left an indelible mark on the regional music scene, establishing itself as the go-to source for those seeking out the freshest unsigned and independent music from Malaysia and South-East Asia. Through their extensive collection of specially-produced videos under “The Wknd Sessions” and “Singgah Sekejap” series, The […]

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Future Music Festival: Zoom on They Will Kill Us All (MY)

What kept you busy these past months? I heard you’ve been recording an album, is it already finished? Well right now our working life is keeping us busy! We still jam from time to time, but what the band as a whole are trying to now is finishing the mixes for the 9 song album out soon. Its a slow […]

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Future Music Festival: Zoom on Kyoto Protocol (MY)

What’s the story of Kyoto Protocol? We’re just a bunch of guys who enjoy to play music, plain and simple. That I suppose is a complete contrast to the kind of music that we like to make. We’re big on the true meaning of punk, music without boundaries. You only get one shot at life; we’re trying to make the […]

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‘Under The Red Sky’ video teaser by They Will Kill Us All

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Interview: They Will Kill Us All (MY)

In an age devoid of simplicity and overrun with technology, the global music industry is perpetually faced with an audience of diminished attention spans. Everyone is switched on, logged in and doing fifty things at once; music, it seems, must be incredibly concise, or run the risk of being lost in the mess. As artists try fruitlessly to cram as […]

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