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Mark Coles: KROM’s “Mama Blue” is classic blues for the modern age

Cambodian blues act KROM are making waves internationally with award winning BBC broadcaster Mark Coles playing their newest single Mama Blue” on his world music show, offering glowing praise of their latest offering.

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What music do cheating partners listen to? The answers may surprise you

Does your musical preference influence your propensity to cheat? New research has come forward that may indicate that this may indeed be the case.   The crew at Spotify released a study back in April which attempted to settle the argument about which musical genre had the most loyal fans once and for all. Arming themselves with data they extracted from their […]

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The 9 Reasons You Should REALLY Attend Wonderfruit Festival

Whether it is gravity defying aerial artists taking to the skies around you, sensual belly dancing displays and capoeira masters plying their trade around you, or climbable feats of architecture, the festival encourages participation and exploration of the space for a truly immersive experience.

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You Pledge, They Deliver: PledgeMusic

Pledge Music: a better way to interact with fans. Interview with founder Benji Rogers.

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Strange Place to Meet: EP & Anthology Film by Esther Lowless

“Strange Place to Meet” is the 6-chapter, multi-tiered music and film masterpiece by Singaporean musician and actress Esther Lowless.

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Live! This May ’13 in Southeast Asia

May is music festival central! Find out what’s happening in a city near you.

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VIDEO: At Sunset – Rush

Prep yourselves, Sunsetters. With their new single “Rush” just released, the At Sunset boys are armed and ready to hit 2013 with full force.

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Crush of the Day: Neon Trees – ‘Everybody Talks’

Get out your jazz hands and ride the wave of commercial success Neon Trees have been so well deserving of.

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VIDEO: Pandorum – Machine

Pandorum’s newest single Machine hits virtual shelves.

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An Interview with ZOO, Creators of the New and Undefined

Indonesia’s ZOO defy the borders and natural overlapping of genres, not your average experimental rock band.

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Crush of the Day: Oh Mercy – ‘In My Stride’

There’s a certain appeal in a band that creates completely contradictory music. Oh Mercy toy with innocence and the profound, yet they are in no sense trying to confuse or do anything new. It’s what they do and it works.

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Event: Social Media Week Singapore

Open & Connected, Social Media Week Singapore is held between the 18th and 23rd of February.

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Deezer ventures to 22 new territories: Middle East, Asia, Africa, Brazil

Global music subscription service Deezer has announced its launch in 22 new countries including the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, in Asia.

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Clockenflap festival: an airy carnival

Clockenflap was a simple, joyful and complete festival in Hong Kong.

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Revisiting The Trees & The Wild

The Trees & The Wild are renowned throughout South-East Asia for their innovative musical blend of post-rock, experimental and folk stylings, underpinned with a distinctly Indonesian identity. To the delight of their fans, the band will be bringing their intense, trance-inducing live performances across oceans to the international stage in September.

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Espressos and Jangle Pop

Café Culture & the Appreciation of Music Sitting down to a hot cup of coffee in a relaxed setting is an experience that can best be described as complete. That is the inviolate mandate that we have allowed cafes to exercise over our lives. Not so much plush but intimate environs and that ambrosial beverage that commands and regulates sensory excitation […]

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A Folkish Family Air from Australia

An acoustic-folk quartet from Australia with lumberjack shirts – drop the surfer style for a while and read Husky’s history! Melbourne, Australia band Husky has released their fantastic debut album, Forever So via Sub Pop and Love Da Records (for distribution in South-East Asia) on July 10th via CD, LP and digitally. The album features 13 tracks and includes the […]

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Interview with The Jezabels

Music Services Asia was thrilled to chat with The Jezabels ahead of their full-house gig in Singapore, which kickstarted their whirlwind Asian tour. Read our interview with Hayley Mary (vocalist), Heather Shannon (keyboards), Sam Lockwood (guitars) and Nik Kaloper (drums) to find out more about The Jezabels’ dynamic song-writing process, dream collaborations and their aim to be the “forefathers of […]

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Maximo Park Rocks England, And More

England, land of indie rock and pop – not surprising that Maximo Park are from Newcastle! Instead of producing any old kind of generic rock, they’ve crystallize the need of action in today’s chaotic world. All this can be found in their new album, The National Health (V2 / Cooperative Music / distribution by Love Da Records), forceful and rip-roaring […]

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Astreal Live @ The Court

Myself, Revisited: Music and Memory, Astreal Live @ The Court The italics suggest that whatever follows the title will be grounded in the insidious subject of biography. No one can be blamed for thinking so. Yet, the immediacy and impact of the experience I had at Astreal’s performance overrides any self-indulgence that one might want to read into it. Maybe […]

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